April Showers

How to make something seemly simple take for EVER!

Now to look at this card, you might think it was the work of a few minutes. Stamp out the umbrellas, add a bit more stamping using the colours and the sentiment, grab a band of ribbon and Robert is your father’s brother. Hell, no.

april showers

For a start, the umbrella comes in separate bits. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. It is a feature of the stamp set that I really like, because there is room to play. So, I started my repeat pattern with the central umbrella, to make sure it was where I would want it. Handle first, then the canopy outline.

So far, so good. Now, each canopy, either spotted or striped, comes in 3 pieces. Again, I was happy with this because I wanted to mix it up a little, both with colour and pattern. I wasn’t confident I could stamp exactly in the right place 20 times and not fudge up though, so I decided to stamp then on scrap card and cut them out individually. Nobody say anything, OK?

Cutting curves accurately is not in my skill set. I had to re-do a few, but, eventually, I had a full cast of canopies, spotty and stripy, at my disposal. Hurrah! Assembly time!

Casual abandon is not in my skill set. Whatever arrangement I came up with, something offended me visually. Two blues too close together, yellow stripes too far apart… I decided that maybe it was because I didn’t have enough sections. Perhaps there was a basic maths principle I should use, to work out my pattern requirements?

Maths is not in my skill set. Pretty much the only thing I remember about maths is the Fibonnaci sequence and how to quickly tell if a number is divisible by 3. How often do either of those come in handy?! Unless I am trying to make small talk with two Italians whilst splitting our restaurant bill, not so much. I gave up on the maths idea. Back to winging it.

Winging it is not in my skill set. Rational thinking occasionally shows its face though. I gave up on the idea of mixing the colours and patterns and went for uniformity. So, a card which could have been relatively quick ended up taking ages. Just peachy…

Supplies: Clearly Besotted April Showers stamp set; Brilliance Pearlescent inks in Rocket Red, Sky blue and Sunflower Yellow; Memento Tuxedo Black ink; ribbon from The Ribbon Room




57 thoughts on “April Showers

  1. It’s turned out beautifully! Those stamps are fab with all the different possibilities. Winging it after a lot of pondering is a super (and massively underestimated) skill possessed by many crafters.

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  2. This card could say March showers here in Arkansas. Winter is rearing its ugly head as all our fruit trees are in full bloom. This is a lovely card and I am sure not easy to make. 🙂

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    1. Really? I had ten uncles, no Bobs. I got a Paddy Murphy though. Haven’t seen ‘Taken’ for a while. I will research, practice and let you know how I get on. I am hoping that he mostly changed a cat litter tray at speed and buttoned his cardigan one-handed. Otherwise I might be in trouble…

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      1. Whilst simultaneously putting the kettle on for tea and saying: “No, darling, you’ll look lovely in whatever you decide to wear…”

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  3. Your card is amazing! It looks super easy. Unfortunately, when God was handing out Math skills, I was in the wrong line! Have you ever thought about buying a Stamp Press like a Misti or Memory Keepers? If the stamp set you mentioned has clear or cling stamps it would work easier for you in repeated stamping.

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    1. Thank you! I don’t think a press would work for this card – I’d still need to keep moving the base card or the stamps around. But I have thought about getting one for some other stamps I have. I need to do a bit more research I think!


      1. I’ll be writing a post about this. In the meantime, what do you know about markers? I have Tombow and Marvy but thinking of buying the water-colour ones- Spectrum I think they are called.

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      2. Well, I am terrible at colouring. I have bought a LOT of markers in my time, hoping for a miracle. Early days I had some Tombow and another UK brand, which were water based I think. Then I tried alcohol pens like Promarkers, which worked a bit better for me but still, I basically lacked the skill to use them well. I also had Spectrum Noirs, when they first came out, but didn’t get on any better with them. All this kind of put me off colouring so when the watercolour versions came along I just avoided the temptation! They look great when demonstrated, but I would really like to try them out before buying, because you always seem to have to buy such large sets to get ‘the blend’. Sorry, long answer! I look forward to reading your post about the stamping tools!


  4. (dots + stripes) x multiple colors = headache

    I believe that is the equation you were creating. Oh how I love equations!

    Your process made me laugh! I don’t know how many times I’ve carefully cut out a million little pieces only to find my vision didn’t quite work out the way I planned. I so admire your persistence. At some point, I think I may have thrown my hands up in the air in defeat.


  5. Totally get where you are coming from, something that seems so simple ends up (usually) in the bin or at the back of the shelf! Yep…..frustration rained and we all got wet eh! Love the card though so it was worth it!!!

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  6. I love this cheerful card, the primary colors along with the graphic dots and stripes are a perfect match. But looking at this on my iPhone, at first I thought you had a single umbrella image and had stamped onto patterned paper, then cut out. You did an excellent job of matching those canopy sections!

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  7. You have such amazing ‘staying power’ .. I’d have said ENOUGH! after one umbrella. See .. I have no staying power. Jigsaws and the like have never been my ‘thing’. lol

    LOVE the card. It makes such a statement and it would really stand out amongst other cards on the shelf. It has an inbuilt smile, and that comes from you.
    It’s brilliant Puff. Really.
    love and squidges ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Oh I used to love jigsaws. But they do not mix well with a cat that likes to swipe things off surfaces, whilst watching you watching him do it.. Thanks for the kind words about the card!

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  8. Ah yes, how to artfully randomize a pattern while keeping it non-repetitive. I’m sure there’s a math term (& probably a formula) for doing this, but I’m with you – maths are not in my skill set. The card looks great though – sometimes the things that appear simple and easy are actually the most complex.

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