Countdown to Easter: bunnies, Martha Stewart and Chopin

No, this is not one of those ‘if you could invite anyone from history to a dinner party’ conversations. Last week, on a whim, I bought a bag of polystyrene bunnies from The Works. At £1 for six little hoppers (well three large, three small, actually) it seemed rude not to.

I have a thing about 3D objects covered in glitter. It has to be good glitter though, so the colour is important – not ‘unwell urine yellow’ masquerading as gold. Years ago I bought a set of Martha Stewart glitters. Actually I liked them so much I then bought a second set in case they were discontinued or there was a worldwide glitter shortage. Luckily glitter hoarding is not a crime. I still have two practically full packs because a little goes a long way, but they are the BEST colours so I regret nothing. No wait, I regret shoulder pads…

I also have a thing for book pages or sheet music used in decorative items. So, a perfect opportunity to indulge both. It is healthier than chocolate. Amazingly I have never been tempted to lick glitter. Or sheet music.

So, to bunny number one. I decided to cover him in torn strips of the sheet music. I actually don’t think I have ever done this before with a complicated shape, but I had 6 bunnies to play with and plenty more in the shop if it went wrong. I mixed pva glue and water in approximately the usual 2:1 ratio and added some mica powder to colour it. I partly spread glue thinly on the bunny, partly doused the sheet music strips and just covered him as best I could, working the paper in to the creases with a firm brush. For sections like the side of his face and ears I found it easier to then tear another piece approximately the right shape and glue it over the top. He was set aside to dry a bit, then given another coat of the pva/mica for an extra glossy finish.

Bunny number two was glitter time! Again I have never covered a polystyrene shape like this before. I actually used the same tub of pva and mica because I had mixed up far too much. I thought the colour might taint the glitter a bit but there was no problem. The only difficulty was choosing what glitter to use, but eventually I plumped for Kunzite, a lovely dusty pink. If you have never covered shapes like this, just use a really, really thin layer of glue. You can always touch up any bald patches afterwards but if you put too much on you end up with dripping or sliding glue, and your bunny will have wrinkles prematurely. Might end up looking more like an Easter rhino or one of those pop-up ads for miracle face creams.

Now, I kind of wanted to add a bit more decoration to my bunny couple, but I am also of a ‘less is more’ tendency, so minimal accessorising was preferred. I made a tiny little crown/tiara thingie for Rosa, which of course elevated her status to Princess, and in the end just a simple bow for Mr Noteworthy. A woman should never be upstaged by her consort.

noteworthy and rosa


62 thoughts on “Countdown to Easter: bunnies, Martha Stewart and Chopin

    1. Thanks Flo! I am remembering a particular pinstripe suit I had, where the pads were SO huge. I must have looked like a 1930s gangster!


  1. They are fantastic! I have a “thing” for music sheet paper too but have never covered any 3D items with them. The crown is a nice touch too. Oh, and loved your comment about hoarding glitter.

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      1. Oh, I am so giggling now! Years ago, before I had a craft room, (I had to wait for our son to grow up) I crafted on my dining room table. Well, you know how glitter is- it has a life of its own. Well one night my husband found glitter on his fork! End of using glitter in the dining room!

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  2. How cute are those two?!!! They look like a ‘couple’… perhaps going out to a posh place for dinner.

    Crowns … I have a handful of little golden crowns – (Tilda Doll Crowns)- which are 3D, so which ever way you view them they’re a crown. I want to post a link here to show you what I mean, but I did that a couple of days ago on Florence’s Blog and WordPress very helpfully didn’t post a link but instead posted the picture, a great big bloomin picture. Maybe I’ll try the link thing again at the end of this comment, but I’ll leave a gap somewhere in it, so that WordPress can’t get clever on me 🙂

    If you want a Crown for your bunny, Puff, I’m happy to send one, ’cause you and I is a gang! lol

    Mr. Chopin … he’s fabulous! Lovely finish to him too. He’d look rather swish with a top hat. Now I don’t have a Top Hat, but you, being the clever Puff you are, I’m sure could make a wee little topper for his wee little head. After all … he’s taking a lady out on a date. He has to be dressed properly! LOL
    (Unless, . . . he started out dressed properly and got a little too fresh with the lady so she knocked his top hat straight off his head, telling him to straighten up and keep his paws to himself!) 😉

    Ok .. the link: https://uk. – close the link between the – ‘https://uk. and pinterest – and the link will then work (allegedly) so that you can see the crowns.
    Sunday squidges ~ Cobs

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      1. Aren’t they just!
        If you google ‘Tilda’, you’ll be amazed at the types of things she does. From books, to patterns, kits, papers, fabrics (as you’ve already seen), wools, trinkets and … oh, all manner of things. It’s a really beautiful range – all made by a lady called Tone Finnanger. She has a blog, and an on-line shop also. And you can buy her things via Amazon too.
        Google Tilda… you’ll drool! lol ~ Cobs.x

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  3. These are so sweet! What a handsome pair – looking like they’re off for a splendid night on the town! I love the idea of using the sheet music to cover the bunny it looks fab and the glitter bunny – well, she just looks fabulous!


  4. BUNNIES!!! I saw these in The Works too and wondered what could be done with I know. They’ve turned out beautifully! Also…did you know Kunzite is a crystal too, as well as a particularly charming shade of pink glitter…

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    1. Ahem actually (small selfconscious cough) I DID know that. Although the fact that all the glitters are named after crystals or metals does give me a teensy, teensy little clue….

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      1. Kunzite is a rarer one (I had to check) and I find it quite charming that the glitter is all named after crystals, like the smoky quartz. Are there any others?

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      2. And of course I fully expect to see each and every one of them used in your inimitable crafty and clever way.
        I don’t use glitter after an unfortunate sneezing incident and a passing cat…

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  5. The bunnies are very impressive; I love them both! But once again you have made me laugh out loud throughout the post – you have a way with words as well as with sheet music and glitter.


  6. Love your bunnies and love your story, it made me laugh 🙂 And I like many of the comments also. I have once heard a very strange story about glitter, but I fear that if I would posted I would be banned. 😉 So you may guess where that glitter ended up 😉

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  7. I LOVE these bunnies, what a great idea. The crown and bow are just perfect finishing touches. I feel a little visit to The Works coming on! Oh, and thanks very much for all the shoulder pads images popping into my head now! x


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