Countdown to Easter: make up your own joke about bunnies multiplying…

Firstly, an apology. I have been rather behind on replying to comments and checking out what everyone else is up to. I am, once again, having struggles with technology. From last weekend the internet has been on some kind of random strike action. It works fine for a while, then fades away. Comes back, fades away. Like some Gothic novel heroine, suffering an attack of the vapours.

I am also struggling with ongoing Reader and Notifications issues and then, because things always come in threes, I woke up with a swollen and painful eye, streaming nose and a banging headache. Peachy. I couldn’t see well enough to use WordPress for anything more than a few minutes at a time, nor could I get stuck in to anything creative. It has now improved significantly and I think it may have been an allergic reaction or a foreign body of some sort causing irritation (I have summarised enough medical records in my time to self-diagnose pretty accurately!!). I suspect it may have been glitter….

So, yesterday I was finally at least able to rustle up a little something, whilst squinting. This first card is made with Lawn Fawn Hoppy Easter stamps and dies and some Martha Stewart papers I have had for years. The tag die is from a set of three that was a magazine cover gift years ago and the cute row of crosses are made with Die-namics Basic Stitched Lines.

hoppy easter tag trio

The second card is more of a Heinz 57. I used the same Lawn Fawn bunny, scraps of the Martha Stewart papers and the free tag die again. The Easter egg and small bunny dies are another free gift, from Docrafts Creativity magazine recently. The embossing folder is from Teresa Collins and I think it is called Modern Stripe. I am on a mission to use up some of my doily mountain too. Gonna take a while…

hoppy easter bunny and eggs

Now have you every worried about your brain?! About some vital bit of rational thought just not occurring? Here is my recent example giving cause for concern. Feel free to laugh at or despair of me.

I bought this box of chicks on a whim a couple of weeks ago, because they were quirky and cheep (sorry) and I thought I might use them for photo props.

easter cards 012

At the point of purchase I wondered why they all sported Mohican haircuts. But then they do have specs and ties too so I guess my brain concluded that clearly anything goes. Perhaps it was some character franchise of which I was unaware? Or just the latest ‘thing’, maybe? Like loom beads, deely boppers, hula hoops, yo-yos….

Anyway, they have been sitting in their box on my workdesk and every day I have looked at them and mentally shook my head at the Mohican bit. Yesterday I decided that I would open the box and try and give one a haircut, take him back to the yellow only. Don’t get me wrong, I have no objection to a Mohican, but not on my chicks, I think.

And of course, as soon as I uncovered them and took one out, I realised my mistake. But for two weeks my brain has been fooling me and unquestioningly substituting a random hairdo for a (vaguely) appropriate anatomical feature. NOT a good sign!



54 thoughts on “Countdown to Easter: make up your own joke about bunnies multiplying…

  1. LOL! What are you like. Those poor little chicks with their cute mohicans!!! They are super cool. Wonderful Easter cards. Love how you have used tags for the bunnies.
    I can’t get to the bottom of the reader and notification problems either. I use my wp reader and also I use a blogger one. Both are a bit hit and miss. I have often wondered if it is when people use a different method of posting or just gremlins in the works.
    Hope your eye improves soon.
    Take care, hugs Flo x

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    1. Thanks Flo! It seems a few people are having similar issues. It just takes so long to keep up with everyone individually! Thanks for the kind words about the cards!


  2. It’s not you, regarding the WordPress problems … it’s WordPress. They’ve made some changes (updating: ‘read’: making things difficult for it’s members). The thing which is bugging me is that I no longer get a full ‘reader’ of all the posts my blogging buddies have made, but merely a small selection. It’s taking me forever to try and catch up on all the posts I’m missing every day, as I’m having to visit blogs on the off chance of finding things. I know that some folk have got a little … hum…. ‘upset’ that I’m ‘ignoring their posts, haven’t visited or liked or commented on a post (or three) … but I would never ignore them or not comment, it’s just that I’m not getting the notifications in my reader, so I don’t know about them.

    Anyhoo … your cards … aww so cute and so much fun. Love the ‘Hoppy’ ‘Easter’ … they look so lovely the way you’ve placed those. And the bunnies are lovely. They ‘smile’. Cute!

    Both of the cards couldn’t be more different – and both are beautiful. I can’t choose a favourite between them.

    The chicks … I sat here and roared with laughter. Ohhhh Puff, bless your beautiful heart. You are just so lovely, and I love that you had those little guys sat on your desk for a week, mulling over their mohican hair cuts, and it didn’t cross you mind even once that this ‘mohican’ might well have been their chicken ‘comb’. Although mind … I can see why it would confuse you… chicks don’t have ‘combs’ … they grow those later on!

    My most favourite bit about them are the glasses! Those spectacles made me fall in love with those little chaps, instantly. Then add the Bow Ties … well what’s a girl gonna do BUT fall in love with such a well turned out box of suitors?! LOL

    Great cards, and even more fabulous post. Loved it Puff.
    Have a blessed day ~ Cobs. x

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    1. WordPress seems to be messing everyone around recently. I am having the very same issues. I love the cards that you made! Cute and creative. They’ve put me in the mood for Easter. Those chicks and their mohicans!!! I just can’t get enough! The bow ties are the icing on the cake for me. So glad to hear that you’re on the mend 🙂

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    2. Yes, I have exactly that problem with the Reader. One device misses out chunks of the day, plus random posts and the other just stops at say, the last four hours and won’t show me anything older. Additionally, to reply to your comment using my pc (I struggle typing long replies on the tablet) I have to now actually go ‘visit’ another WP site to access my Notifications. I cannot get to them from ‘My Site’. Even then, after a little while it just says ‘The End’!!!! I am also visiting people individually. Takes a while though. I’ll come see you tomorrow (saves my brain trying to keep two different conversations in my head at the same time)! Anyway, thanks for the moral support, good to know I am not alone in my struggles. Glad you liked the cards too! Xx

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      1. You visit when YOU can. I won’t stop loving you.

        But …. if I don’t see you for ten days I will wonder if I’ve upset you, so will come crying, with questions about what I’ve done. 😦
        Sending oodles of love your way~ Cobs. xxx

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  3. Thank you for yet another post full of giggles! Perhaps your recent eye, nose and brain affliction is a result of there being far too much creative brilliance stuffed inside and it’s bursting out of the available cranial orifices! My diagnosis is based on the level of adorableness of your cards! You have a severe case of Spring Cuteness waiting to infect the world – or a speck of glitter! 😀

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  4. Aww bless you! Glad you are on the mend! I do exactly the same and self diagnose, and yes summarizing notes had an influence! Lovely Easter cards and don’t worry about the mind blip, have them every day oops! 🙂

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  5. Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling too good – hope you’re on your way to getting back to ‘normal’ soon! Loving these sweet Easter cards and the pretty, subtle colours you have used. As for the ‘mohicans’ well, I can sort of see where you were coming from there – but this is from the woman who wished one of her blog friends a ‘Happy Easter’ THIS MORNING!!!! In my defence (it’s rather weak!) I had been looking at a lot of Easter cards on Pinterest and I’d lost an hour (like we all did) in bed so perhaps I wasn’t in the best frame of mind to be commenting on any blogs first thing this morning! Cute chicks anyway…. 🙂

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    1. Oh, I have done similar! I once got a leaving card for a colleague mixed up with a congrats card for another colleague that was entering an arranged marriage rather unwillingly and thinking it was the end of their freedom. And I wrote ‘goodbye, it’s been nice knowing you’ in the wedding one! I felt terrible when I realised!

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  6. Glitter snot…interesting…
    Thank goodness I’m not alone on the WP problem front. It’s definitely the app then…oh dear..better retrieve laptop from bin..this is why it’s taking me so long to get round everyone’s posts and comments..grr..
    Great cards 🙂 For some reason, the chicks remind me of Buddy Holly…

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      1. No, the branch I visited was quite small, so no fuzzy bunnies or cute buttons. But I got the wool for the Battersea blankets there, which was great.


      2. Yeah…ours have just started stocking wool and yarn. Some fab chunky stuff that would work for macrame and I also noticed jute ribbon and little flowers made frim jute.

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      3. If you can-cragting really seems to have taken an upsurge in popularity-beads, stick on gems, papers of all sorts and sizes, including the flower pressed paper I used for some gift tags, embroidery thread…about the only thing ours didn’t have was needle felting stuff. Have you ever tried that?

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      4. No, but my sister has. She made really good birds at Christmas and Riley kept trying to steal them from the tree. I quite fancy having a go at it.

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      5. “Cragting”?? Lol, crafting, obvs…
        Yes I’ve seen thebirds! They look really sweet…perhaps we should branch out…

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  7. Oh what cute cards! I LOVE those chicks! I have been watching the new Stamping Bella release (sneaky peeks) and they have some new ADORABLE chicks! You know how I love those little guys! Yours are soo cute!!!! I WANT some! Glad you are on the mend. I don’t hardly look at the Reader anymore. Most comments come through on my phone and I have signed up for email alerts on the blogs that I follow. So far, I think I have been getting notifications of blog posts….keeping my fingers crossed. Isn’t technology fun????!!! When it works like it should! 🙂

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    1. Aw, thanks for the kind comment, and for understanding! I agree it isn’t always easy or possible when we are busy. But I do enjoy seeing what everyone is up to!


  8. Pretty Easter cards! I love how you use your designer paper, i have to try and use my stacks of designer paper too. I too saw mohican haircuts LOL!

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  9. I love the ‘mohicans’, and you giving one a haircut really made me smile! My brain went to mush yesterday: I put the same wrong code into a door at work 10 times in a row and my eyes were actually tearing up because I couldn’t see how I was ever going to get through the door before I was rescued by a patient putting in the right code (which was not my pin number as I realised I’d been trying)!
    Anyway, I really like these cards, such a sweet stamp and I love how you’ve used the tag to show it off, and the doily is a great background that I would not have thought of.
    Hope your eye gets better soon. If it stays yukky, you so buy eye pads which microwave (look on Amazon) which work wonders at refreshing itchy or painful eyes. I was recommended them by the opthamology department so they should be safe

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    1. Thanks for the tip ‘re eyes. I sympathise with the door code issue as I often get them ‘almost’ right, just one digit or letter out and cannot work out what I am doing wrong! Thanks for the kind words about the cards.

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  10. Sorry to hear, that you weren’t feeling good. Hope you’re fine now!
    These chickens are very cute!
    A couple years ago I’ve learned, that Bunnies are symbols of Easter in German culture (and in other cultures now), but it still seems a bit weird to me 🙂
    Anyway your cards are pretty and tiny bunnies are cute. First one is my favorite!

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    1. Oh, didn’t know it was a German influence? But then, Christmas trees are too, so perhaps not very surprising. The British Queen Victoria and Prince Albert probably made it popular over here. I now need to know what symbolises Easter for you?!

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      1. For me the most common symbols of Easter are (of course) colored eggs and branches of grey willow in bloom (Salix cinerea).
        In Russia eggs are usually colored by boiling them with onion husk (or peel), so that they have a nice golden-brown tint.
        There is also a tradition of baking a special tall cylindrical Easter sweet bread named Kulich. It’s usually baked with a lot of eggs and covered with white icing.
        Usually people go the church on Easter eve to get their eggs and Kulich blessed by the priest. Special service is held foe this in most of the Christian churches. It’s really interesting as this tradition is usually followed by many people, even those, who are not really religious.

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      2. I have heard of that cake! Well, it’s cake, so y’know… I think generally Easter is celebrated more in continental Europe and countries like Russia than it is in the UK. The willow blossom sounds lovely.

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