Countdown to Easter: Eggsbox, but no games

Making a mountain out of mini eggs

Easter eggs are not just for kids, or at least not as far as I am concerned. I like to gift a few mini eggs to friends and family too. But handing over a rather dull net of chocolate is, well, a bit humdrum, so usually I try to gussie them up a bit.

In previous years I have made little ‘shopping bags’ and folded pouches but I thought it was time to try something different. This presentation is not 100% successful. It is a bit wobbly and needs to go into a flat bottom cello bag for transportation (as in to the recipient, not to a penal colony). Also I am not wild about the foil wrapping on the eggs. It is a bit busy for my tastes but that is how they come. The hard candy shell eggs would have been better visually, but obviously hygiene prohibits the use of unwrapped items. I don’t think anyone would like a mouthful of glitter along with their chocolate. Or indeed a little bit of Riley now that we are in moulting season!

Still, the idea is ok, I think. I just made a quick box base from double sided gingham card and added a layer of with shredded paper. Shakespeare, in case the recipient should also fancy a jigsaw puzzle and some light reading. The outside is covered with multiple cuts of a picket fence die that was free with issue 144 of Papercraft Essentials magazine. Good free stuff!! Then I filled the box with some polystyrene eggs (from The Works) that had been covered in Martha Stewart glitter, one of my sadly deformed chicks and as many mini eggs as seemed feasible. Think of loading to the max a salad bowl, or a skip, whichever you can best identify with.

The final touch is a banner made with Clearly Besotted Mini Banners stamps and die. I cut the shape twice – once around the stamped image and once from plain gingham cardstock. I used red liner tape to fix an couple of cocktail sticks to the back of the stamped image and then 3D foam to cover the workings with the second die cut. A couple of Lawn Fawn Hoppy Easter eggs were hanging around so they got used too.


Having stared at chocolate so much I am now off to eat some!



71 thoughts on “Countdown to Easter: Eggsbox, but no games

    1. Thank you! And thanks again for letting me know about the spam issue – I had no idea! I will remember to check there from time to time. Hope you are doing well today! Xx

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      1. I never knew about the spam thing either till Susie over at Susieshy had Anne Merhling tell me. Turns out she had the same thing as I am having now. Who knows why?????? Technology…….
        I am doing well. Just taking my time healing. My sister in law who had the same surgery tells me it takes a while for all effects to be done. So I guess I pray for patience LOL.
        I hope you are having a great Palm Sunday!

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  1. How cute is that!!! Wrapped in a cello bag would be lovely tied up with a nice ribbon! The Easter Bunny had best watch out – you could put him out of work! 😀


  2. I think this looks really nice 🙂 could make a joke about the risks of putting all your eggs in one basket…lol…what colour glitter did you use? And did you see the glitter carrots in The Works?

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    1. How come I miss the good stuff? Glitter carrots? C’mon! So, the glitters are from the set we discussed before – old, from Martha Stewart and all named after metal, minerals or crystals, I think! Or at least along those lines anyway. These ones are Kunzite (same as the pink glittery bunny I did a while back), Florentine Gold and Aquamarine Crystal. A light brushing of diluted pva is all you need to make the glitter stick. Well, not to make a glitterstick, of course….

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      1. The glitters are so pretty I’d wear them as makeup…or just sprinkle them in my hair…💄💄new phone…I’m boring everyone rigid with my newly discovered emojis!! 🐱 x

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      2. I did think there was more iconography than usual! But new toys are meant to be played with or what is the point?! (imagine some kind of question mark and arrow here)

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    1. Hi, nice to see you! Thanks for the kind comment. As for glue, I just used approximately 2 parts tacky pva glue diluted with approx 1 part water. I think maybe the tacky glue is slightly thicker than normal pva. Then just the lightest, thinnest of coatings with a flat brush. At first I was slathering it on, but then I got big gloops and ended up with shapes that had glittery wrinkles!


  3. This is adorable! What a cute idea! I always do the whole “I have to buy something” thing and it never dawns on me to make something. I’m terrible that way. Such a pretty presentation too!

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  4. These are really cute. I only really give to my husband and mum at Easter, and it always seems to take me by surprise (but at least I remember Christmas, dad always got surprised it was near) and I end up giving last minute purchased eggs which are neither exciting noir personal

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  5. Hi. I’m new here, I hope it’s ok to comment. I have seen your name on comments with The Chicken Grandma and several others. I just have to tell you how much I LOVE this basket!! Adorable! Jessica

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    1. Of course commenting is ok! Lovely to meet you. I have paid a visit to your blog just now. I look forward to continued interesting reading and great photos. Thanks for stopping by!

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    1. Thanks so much, and nice to meet you! I have just hopped over to your blog – I really like your writing style and you made me laugh. Am looking forward to reading more!

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      1. Its nice to officially meet you too. I’m beey impressed with all your crafts. I dont have the patience for that XD but i love to read and see other people do them 😄
        I’m so happy you like my rambly blogs, I always hope they’ll make someone smile or laugh 😄

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