Fully loaded!

Why time spent watching YouTube is never wasted….

Without even trying, I somehow came across a video of a loaded pocket (I think they are also called loaded envelopes). I had never heard of these before so obviously had to check it out. Whoa! Why has the universe kept these from me up until now?! I watched a second video, then I got stuck in. If anyone else has been similarly unaware, they are basically made with either a gift bag, or a US style lunch bag. You add extra pockets and then load them up with goodies.

loaded pocket 1loaded pocket 2

This one is for my sister and contains bits and pieces I either know she needs, or can use, plus a bit of fun too. I chose a paper pad that I have had for years but will be to her taste, and added in a bit of Anna Griffin. I made a few quick note cards and then the envelopes from patterned paper, plus some circular seals. Also some slim gift tags as she often makes jewellery for her friends. The mini pegs were easy to cover with scraps of paper, and the fridge magnets are punched circles of more paper scraps glued into bottle caps and then a dome sticker over the top. I put a double layer of magnetic tape on the back as the grab was a bit feeble! I think they are still more decorative than useful but what the heck.

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I made the rosette thingie (sorry, I have no clue what it is actually called) with an embossing board that came free with a magazine recently. Its purpose is purely decorative and I think it was a bit of a waste of time to be honest. I had no instructions, so winged it to make the support stick. A straw was the right thickness but too weak, so I strengthened it by gluing a kebab stick inside before covering it with paper and fastening to the header piece. All a bit of a faff, really.

Also going in are some craft items, but there is no need to take pictures of them, and a big bar of chocolate. Just because.

You can get a LOT of stuff into one of these and making it and the various elements was fun. It could easily be used to give different small gifts – maybe pampering goodies, flower or vegetable seeds, stationery, herbs and spices or cake decorating supplies. Anything really. And again, the best bit is the feel of the stuffed pocket and the rustling noise. Heaven!



64 thoughts on “Fully loaded!

  1. Love this idea! I had something similar that I made for my classroom about 10 years ago. Each one dealt with a children’s book and the items in the pockets represented parts of the book. Good for comprehension and story re-telling! I will try to find an example!


  2. Beautiful, practical, chocolate!!! What an amazing and thoughtful sister you are! I will be researching how I can get the paperwork started to become an adopted sister of yours so that you can make lovely gifts for me!! This is such a fabulous little gift – especially for just saying “You’re special!” or “Just thinking of you” or “Get well soon” or any occasion!! 😀

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    1. Thanks! I am not sure my sister would agree with your description…. I agree though these would make good ‘anytime’ presents. And you might want to think twice about the adoption now. I just added random predictive text to this reply, then hit ‘send’ accidentally on my tiny tablet and had to rush to the pc to edit my comment! Still wanna be part of the gene pool?!

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  3. Why have I never heard of these?!!! I love this idea and the fact that you can get a lot in them! 🙂 The one you have made for your sister is gorgeous and I just know she will love it! I’m going to have a little look on You Tube now….

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  4. What a lovely idea! I did something similar for my mother at Christmas-not made, like your wonderful creation, but just a large gift bag with all sorts of little things like chocolates, bath stuff, notepads…she complained she never got a Christmas stocking,lol!
    Yours is lovely, the gift that keeps on giving… fascinating! 🙂

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    1. Yes, absolutely that is what you do. Glue down the ‘free’ flap of the box bottom, then fold up the bag to make the pocket you want, hiding the boxy bit. I also added a deeper pocket first (you will hopefully see what I mean from the slide show), so that I had more layers. If I explained this really badly I can copy in a link to YouTube for you. Definitely a ‘sister craft’ and I’d love to see what you make!

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  5. You made an absolute beautiful job of the pressie bag! Love it! I too bought the magazine for the rosette maker, as I just cannot get hold of Tim Holtz Rosette die for love or money, and thought this would be a good substitute. Like you I thought it was a lot of messing around, but I was pleased with the finished item, and yours look at treat too. Great make! 🙂

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    1. BTW, are you aware that if I click on your WP link, it says the site is ‘no longer available’? Are you still posting? Sorry, I should have mentioned that in my previous message.

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  6. I’ve come across pocket letters before, but never loaded pockets… you’ve done a brilliant job! So many goodies, and I just love the black and white with a touch of pink colour scheme.

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  7. That’s gorgeous, I bet it’ll go down a treat. I love things that are multipurpose too, and you don’t need to wrap the gifts. That’s always a bonus! (Please tell me you don’t have to wrap the gifts!)

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    1. Sorry for the late reply – have been away from blogland – yes, definitely no further wrapping required. Totally within your comfort zone!


  8. Wow love this idea and they look so fun to make too! I’ve never heard of it so I definitely have to check them out. Thanks for sharing!

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  9. Thank you SO much babysis! It’s probably the prettiest and most girlie thing i’ve ever seen and must have taken you ages to do. You’re absolutely right that i love the combination of colours, papers and designs! The only issue will vebusing any of the items – because the whole thing looks so lovely as it is and i won’t want to take anything out (‘cept the chocolate!) Xx

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