Scrapbusting circles

Remember Venn Diagrams?

I am away for the weekend, so have attempted to be a grown-up and scheduled a post. Wahoo! We will see. Hopefully I won’t bring the universe to a sticky end. I might though not visit everyone or comment much, but will do my best to catch up a bit when I am back.

This is a very quick effort, made from scraps of cards in similar tones. I just die cut circles in four different sizes and arranged them in a pastiche of a Venn diagram onto a panel of stripe-embossed card. The embossing is not showing up great in the photo, sorry, but it is too late for me to take another picture.

hunkydory circles

The banner sentiment is on 3D foam and I added a couple of dots made with Nuvo Drops and some sequins. Because they are my new favourite thing.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I’ll be back next week.

Supplies: coloured cardstock from Hunkydory Adorable Scorable; Tonic Nuvo Drops; Teresa Collins Modern Stripe embossing folder


71 thoughts on “Scrapbusting circles

  1. Have a great weekend! What a cheerful card! This is a great design for birthdays or congratulations. The circles can be reminiscent of balloons, or champagne bubbles, or even soap bubbles, or bubble baths!! I love it! 😀

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    1. Sorry for replying so late – I have been away. I like the Nuvo Drops a LOT! I just have to remember to make them in advance and dry them on wax paper as I am not brave enough to add them directly onto a finished card.

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  2. Oh what a cute card…simple, but cute! I love Nuvo drops! They always add just the perfect touch! I wish I could make a simple card…I always start out thinking that I will, but end up taking a day or two to complete a card…coloring of course! LOL! Oh well, I guess that is just my style! 🙂 Have a good weekend and fun on your trip! 🙂

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      1. I try to make stuff, but it’s nowhere near as fancy. My Little Bit and I are making paper cone May Baskets for a nursing home for May Day. It’s really fun. We cut out tulips and glued them on craft sticks for the flowers.

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      2. Kid crafts are always fun. We used to make gifts at the holidays to take to the nursing home. We haven’t done it in a while, so thought May Day would be fun.

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      3. So, I haven’t known you for long, do you have a family member in the nursing home? Or is it somewhere you have an attachment to?

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      4. Well, I did. My grandma Wilma was in a home for a year and a half. She passes away a year and a half ago. We would send presents to her and enough for everybody. My step grandma was in a home and one year we made 86 handmade bracelets for all the women residents and 26 suncatchers for the men. And, my mom used to be a nurse in a nursing home, so I guess it’s just been a part of my life.

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      5. Thank you, so was a sweetheart. She was ready to go- her and grandpa were married 73 years when he passed and she missed him sooooo much. She made it about a year and a half then went on, peacefully in her sleep with my parents nearby.

        Thank you, I have this thing where I can’t leave anyone out. Ha. Think it stems from always being picked last in Red Rover.

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      6. Wow, 73 years is amazing. A peaceful passing is what we all wish for our loved ones. And I am pretty sure if I had been at school with you I would have wanted you on my team.

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      7. Oh my gosh, that almost made me cry. That’s very sweet. I was always picked last and was terrible at sports. Thank you! Yes, we are very proud of their 73 years. She was an amazing lady. Miss them both soooooo much.


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