When the caffeine is taken away…

Yesterday I had zero caffeine. By choice, not some horrible deprivation torture inflicted by a heartless monger of alternative hot drinks. I don’t drink much – usually just one or two mugs in the morning and that is it. Rarely past noon (that is 12PM lunchtime in the afternoon to some TV presenters) as I am a serial rubbish sleeper so why throw another obstacle into the mix? But last night despite being a caffeine free zone I just couldn’t nod off and eventually got up and made a card. And, well, as you can see, I was perhaps a little preoccupied…

Coffee cardcoffee card detail

I wonder what was on my mind?!

I wanted to use some coffee beans in the photo but there are none in the house. A pile of instant coffee is not too appealing. Galaxy Counters are as close as I could get! It’s OK, they have already gone to a good home…

Supplies: Clearly Besotted Warm Wishes stamps and dies; Altenew Coffee Talk stamps; Hunkydory Adorable Scorable spotty and striped card; The Works stitched rectangle nesting dies


72 thoughts on “When the caffeine is taken away…

  1. Wonderful card. I love the cups and all the different patterns. Your insomnia might have just solve a problem for a layout I am working on. Thank you! Oh, I am so glad you clarified that noon is in the afternoon p.m. Because noon and midnight are difficult to discern. 😁

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    1. Because my body is a temple, .of course! Granted, it has been desecrated by cake, but, still a temple…. Or just actually because I don’t like to think I might be addicted to anything other than paper and warm fur?!

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      1. Garden shed that wants to be a gazebo? And no, I feel only tired, not healthier. But I still do it now and again. Coffee bags? I remember them from years ago, and they were pretty good. Have I missed a resurrection?

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      2. I think Taylor’s of Harrogate have started doing them…I’ve seen them in Asda. I used to work in a French coffee bar where we did all the speciality coffees. Smelt lovely…can’t bear the taste though..!
        Lol…with aspirations to a porch!

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      3. I will look for them, thanks. My sister is the same as you. Loves the smell, and the ‘idea’ of coffee but not the actual drink much. She drinks tea, whereas I hate it. So much for genes!

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      1. I bet! They look like chocolate covered coffee beans. My mother in law gave me chocolate covered espresso beans for Easter one year. I ate two and cleaned my house from top to bottom!

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  2. Sleep is like my super power – I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat – even after just drinking a cup of coffee before bed! Having said that, I am especially sympathetic to people that have trouble sleeping – on the rare occasions that I can’t nod off right away it makes me insane! What a whimsical and delightful card!! 😀

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      1. Since my surgery I feel like I can sleep any time! I keep wondering how long that will last?
        Years ago, when my grandma couldn’t sleep she would get up and iron clothes. I think making cards sounds like a lot more fun when you can’t sleep!

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      2. I think you might feel that tiredness for quite a few months. Not that I have any medical training, but I have read a LOT of medical records! And yes, ironing was an option but strangely not an attractive one.

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  3. I like all these teacups! This card reminds me of family tea parties at our grandma’s home with nice small cups from different tea sets collected over time!

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  4. Those are the cutest cup stamps and dies! I am up ’til all hours myself tonight – I think it’s about 10:00 a.m. in London, but that’s waaay too late for me to still be up on the California coast. On those nights when I know that I don’t have to get up and teach the next morning, after my husband goes to bed at a decent hour, all of a sudden my stamp table becomes very alluring… stamps, paper and ink are every bit as addicting as caffeine!

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  5. How on earth do you survive without coffee (I’m screaming this by the way)?? Although I do drink decaf now, I just cannot go without at least 6 cups a day, and like you, I don’t sleep anyway, so do really understand and should follow you lead……but I just can’t…no….no….no! I have given up chocolate, bread, biscuits, sweets, pastry, most dairy but coffee is just a step to far! Love your card and those sweet little cups 🙂

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    1. HaHa! Well I haven’t given up any of the other stuff! I’d like to find a decent decaff though but never been successful. Glad you like the card and hope it didn’t make you want another cup….

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