What Possessed Me?

Happy Halloween!

I have no idea what possessed me to make these cards. I cannot recall ever making a Halloween card before, although I guess we may have done at primary school as a kid. But certainly not in my adult card making history have I ever gone down the pumpkin road. It is probably as a result of blog hopping: seeing so many great cards and decorating ideas from the USA and Canada must have made a mark, and meant that late last night, as the witching hour approached, I just had an urge to make a Halloween card. But I have no stamps or dies for this subject. We really don’t do Halloween cards much here in the UK. Not yet, anyway.

Then that tiny little bell rang. The bell I used to immediately recognise as a light bulb moment, a recollection, or inspiration, and now I just put down to possible tinnitus. ‘Go check your digikits’ it said. ‘You probably got something suitable in one of those bundle purchases you made’, it added, helpfully. Amazing how specific these voices can be!

So, I did as instructed and found this really fab digikit from American Crafts called Nightfall. It is a mix between Halloween and general Autumn/Fall and harvest images. The voice was right – it was in a bundle of digikits I bought quite some time ago. I would probably never have bought it individually but it is jam packed with goodies that were just what I needed.

Before I go any further I have to confess that I am a complete wuss when it comes to scary stuff. No word of a lie, until I saw ‘Sixth Sense’, Walt Disney’s ‘The Watcher in the Woods’ was the most scary film I had sat through from beginning to end. Many years ago, at the continual urging of a boyfriend I eventually tried to watch ‘The Omen’ but insisted on using my grandmother’s old black and white TV, which was tiny, and about 20 feet away. I still made an excuse to go make coffee when it came to the really scary bits. I am not constitutionally equipped for scary.

This means Halloween card needs to be the chummy side of the holiday imagery. Oh, also I don’t cope well with spiders either. Webs are fine, because they are a thing of beauty, but their residents are NOT. If they are super-tiny, OK. Any much bigger than a finger nail and we are in heebie jeebies territory.


Since we’re talking, another fear: collage. I may have mentioned before but for me, this is practically a swear word. I cannot do it; it will not and does not happen. I admire it, aspire to it, and accept it is pretty darn unlikely.

Anyway. I was actually spoilt for choice with this digikit and love the little details that were included. I chose the images I wanted, roughly worked out the sizings and then printed out the elements to hybrid craft. Then I decided I wanted a flying bat. Well, of course! I searched again and found bats and hats in another kit of punches and stamps called Hallows’ Eve. So my cat has a hat and my bat is….stuck on to a strip of acetate and folded over the top of the card so he bounces around a bit. Close as I can get to him flying as I am not an aerospace engineer.




Whilst not exactly (ok, maybe ‘remotely’ is a better word) collage, these cards do have way more going on than I usually add.

I know this is a bit of a rush job, but I had such fun making these that now I would like us to celebrate Halloween rather more here! Interesting that there seems to be no consensus as to where the apostrophe should go in Hallows. I am staying well clear of that debate.

Supplies and tools: Serif CraftArtist; American Crafts Nightfall digikit; Serif Hallows’ Eve Punches and Stamps digikit; American Crafts black cardstock


Congratulations. It’s an Elephant.

A work colleague is having a baby soon, which means I get to make a baby card or two. Actually I will probably make about a dozen. We’re not expecting a record breaking multiple birth here, just the one new arrival, but as I love making baby cards I am going for it big time. I could be grandiose and say I am ‘exploring a theme’ or some such notion, but really I just enjoy creating them so grab any opportunity, with the fervour of a salesman on commission who has had laryngitis for the best part of a month.

Here is the first of the many. I used Altenew inks, Baby Zoo stamps and dies. The set has all sorts of sentiments you can mix and match to change things up a bit. Altenew sentiments in general seems to stamp so, so well I feel I can use them confidently straight on to my base card (although I haven’t done this here). I’m sure there will be some that don’t work well every time – that just happens with stamping – but so far I have been pretty lucky. For any card I make I usually do the risky bits first rather than leave them until the end and ruin all the effort. But with stamped sentiments, you can of course always just re-stamp until you get it right, cut it out and 3d it over the carnage you have unwittingly created.

I made what I understand is possibly called a ‘belly band’ for the sentiment. Really? Couldn’t they have come up with a nicer name than that? Belly is a word I only use under duress. Not fond of tummy either though come to that. Maybe I am just tricky customer. What other options are there? Midriff? Nope, sounds like the name of a battle.

Anyway, b-band made, some stamped animal outlines and one picked out with the additional detail. Layer onto coloured cardstock, another layer inside with a stamped sentiment ( I know no fear) et voila! Pretty quick but I am chuffed with it.

AN Baby Zoo ellie card and tag

I also rustled up a gift tag made with the same coloured card and using the negative created by cutting the elephant die partially into a white tag shape. Again, a simple stamped sentiment, punched hole reinforced with a punched coloured circle and some ribbon. I would probably just use this with a plain tissue-wrapped present or maybe make a white or yellow gift bag.

Supplies: Altenew Baby Zoo stamps and dies; Altenew inks: Mango Smoothie, Peach Perfect, Ocean Waves, Jet Black; American Crafts Spring cardstock; Ribbon from Create and Craft




Did you know there are 3 ‘O’s in Altenew?

Well for me, today there are. As a little pay day present to myself I bought the Altenew Painted Flowers stamps. I have wanted these for a long time, but nobody seemed to have them in stock. But this week, on the off chance, I did a search and got lucky. Delivery received, I rip open the packaging with the haste of a 5 year old child on Christmas morning, dig out the inks and well, this is what happened:

AN painted flower stage 1AN painted flowers stage 2AN painted flower stage 3

Three ‘Oh’s. Count ’em!

Sorry, I  got carried away with myself and cut the last one out before I remembered to take the photo. I’m sure you know the feeling.

I have only tried the one flower from the set, but so far, so super easy. I expect these will feature a lot in the next few projects. In the meantime I just had to rustle up one quick effort before going for a girlie lunch because it would have been rude not to.

AN painted flowers card yellow

Something cheerful, for a sunny day, or a sunny disposition.

Supplies: Altenew Painted Flowers stamps; Altenew inks – Jet Black, Dusk, Ocean Waves; Spellbinders Charmed, I’m Sure tag die; Crafts Too dotty embossing folder; American Crafts yellow cardstock