Victoria Station?

kensington dotty bags 2

Not a card today but something a bit more 3d. I got these Tonic Kensington Handbag dies ages ago, and they remained unused. Not because I don’t like them, but because once made up, the little gift bags and boxes etc which I love creating, do take up rather more room, so I only tend to make them as and when they are likely to be needed. Or when I just can’t resist any longer. I don’t think I mentioned before (and can’t be bothered to read back and check!) but when I started with stamping and paper craft, I said quite flatly that I was not going to make cards, but gift wrap, boxes and bags instead. Well, they were truly disastrous. The gift bags were the worst, made from quite flimsy paper because that was all I could get hold of and because I didn’t know any better. I stuck so much on the front that I had to counterbalance them by sticking something weighty to the back too or, when empty, they just fell over! And yet I was so proud of them…

Today we have lovely dies and all sorts of card and paper to play with. These are are actually easy and quick to construct and only takes one sheet of A4 or 12×12 for the main handbag, then you just add colour and accessories as you want. I didn’t go mad with these and kept them quite simple this time, but I can see endless possibilities! They feel nice and solid once made, measure approx. 10.5cm wide and 5cm deep. The side panels are 7cm high, although depending on how you finish them they will look taller (for example the blue one is 9cm high at the centre front).

No need for me to give instructions as Tonic have a great tutorial on YouTube. I watched it to see if what I thought I needed to do was correct…. No harm in making sure before diving on in!