Identity crisis

It has occurred to me that my bloggy pals are calling me by different names. I am Gillian, I am chicken46, I am PaperPuff and I am paperfluff. I have more names than a member of the royal family or a pedigree dog. All totally my fault, because I didn’t have the tiniest clue about how to manage a blog when I started doing this, so made some (?? about a bajillion!!) rookie mistakes.

Time to rationalise. Chicken46 is going into semi-retirement on the farm in the country. Free range, obviously, all the corn she can eat and with a nicely feathered rooster or two for eye candy.

G45 rooster

I couldn’t decide whether to lose the ‘chicken’ completely or just change my ‘display name’. Never one for pushing the ‘final solution, no return’ button in haste I plumped for the latter. If it is not what I want I can still change it later. So, if I pop up on your site looking confusingly familiar yet different, this is the reason! I don’t mind which name people use, I just figured three was enough…