When the caffeine is taken away…

Yesterday I had zero caffeine. By choice, not some horrible deprivation torture inflicted by a heartless monger of alternative hot drinks. I don’t drink much – usually just one or two mugs in the morning and that is it. Rarely past noon (that is 12PM lunchtime in the afternoon to some TV presenters) as I am a serial rubbish sleeper so why throw another obstacle into the mix? But last night despite being a caffeine free zone I just couldn’t nod off and eventually got up and made a card. And, well, as you can see, I was perhaps a little preoccupied…

Coffee cardcoffee card detail

I wonder what was on my mind?!

I wanted to use some coffee beans in the photo but there are none in the house. A pile of instant coffee is not too appealing. Galaxy Counters are as close as I could get! It’s OK, they have already gone to a good home…

Supplies: Clearly Besotted Warm Wishes stamps and dies; Altenew Coffee Talk stamps; Hunkydory Adorable Scorable spotty and striped card; The Works stitched rectangle nesting dies


Can’t sleep, so….

Just a quick one. I can’t sleep and have now given up trying, because I know I will manage to nod off about 10 minutes before the alarm goes, and being forced awake again then makes you feel worse. So I decided to get up and use my time productively, but taking into account the decibel level. No vacuuming then. Imagine my disappointment (!).  Ironing, maybe? Still a little noisy. Not the task itself, just the grumbling about it. If only there was some totally silent little thing I could do….

The universe has spoken. Well, whispered, really. ‘Go finish your card. Go blog it. And type quietly’. I have obeyed the laws of the universe and will now be rewarded with caffeine. And what will feel like the longest day in history.

cwc toile


This is made with the Craftwork Cards Toile collection. Lovely china blues and busy patterns with contrasting bleached wood effect in this range. Add in a base of kraft card, a couple of white Card Candi and nothing else, really….