Hydrangeas revisted

Full-on, blowsy flowers, that’s what hydrangeas are. I have previously blogged a card using the Tattered Lace Charisma Hydrangeas which was in, to me, the more traditional colours, but I love the punchy pinks here too. I teamed it with a sentiment from the Anna Griffin Interchangeable (UK version) or Mix and Match (USA/North America version) embossing range. Two continents divided by a common language, right?! United by the love of Anna Griffin though, I think. Next to Mount Cardstock (see previous post) is Metaphorical Mount Griffin. It’s not really stacked in a mountain shape so anything would spoil, but the potential for a mountain is there…! I need to use it up, and I will try, I promise….

Charisma hydrangea 3

The base card needed a little something so I just randomly embossed large-ish spots over it with an embossing tool. And do you know what? I think I need to work on my random-ness!!! How ridiculous it that?!


Love triangle

TL Love trio

Ok, so it’s not really a triangle, but ‘three cards made with a LOVE word die’ is the dull alternative title. Actually the photo is dull too. Not quite the arresting starting point I was hoping for…

Anyway, card one is similar to that in my previous post. Very simple design and muted colours:

TL Love and Charisma rose

The second one is unashamedly old-fashioned in colour and pattern:

TL Love floral muse

I am not sure I like this last one:

TL Love and Charisma peony

I’ll look at it again tomorrow. Perhaps I just need to add another little something. Or perhaps I just need to throw it in the bin. Time will tell!

Yellow hello

I  bought some small word dies. I don’t know why I hadn’t bought ‘words’ before, or should I say why ‘words’ had escaped me?!

Also, I don’t really do yellow. No idea why, it’s a great colour, but I never reach for it first. Or second. Or third. ..So here I am, wading into the unknown. Not far in, granted. I think this card qualifies as baby steps.

Yellow hello

I stopped at ‘clean and simple’. Clearly exhaustion had set in. The unknown is a tiring place.

The ‘hello’ is by Poppystamps and the floral sprigs are from the Tattered Lace Charisma range.

Made with LOVE!

This is a card I made for my lovely, lovely mother:

TL Love word 1

She won’t mind me saying (I asked, just in case) that it was card number three: as so often happens the first two didn’t work out, or weren’t what I wanted, then the cat ran away with a vital element (as in the Happy Mother’s Day stamp I had bought for this sole purpose!) so what I intended for her birthday card quickly got brought forward to Mother’s Day.

Embossed paper and card are the best of things and make such a good impact on their own. I considered adding flowers, or ribbon, but after offering up numerous and various different fripperies eventually plumped for pearls, for reasons my mum will appreciate.

The layer and word dies are by Tattered Lace. I am going to be using these a lot, I think.

Now for a replacement birthday card….


Old-fashioned flowers

I love hydrangeas. For me they are a yesteryear plant (or are they a ‘shrub’?). Even at their best they look a bit time-worn and faded, which of course is part of their charm. They always seem to feature in family snapshots of proud parents and grandparents holding (more like brandishing, really) a baby aloft, in a front garden. Because people used to have front gardens that took more than three paces to walk through, and boasted flowers and grass, not the tiny patches of weed infested tarmac littered with four different kinds of refuse and recycling bins we have now.  Back to the hydrangea. Lovely flower. Here’s a card….