Why I love Pinterest…

I love Pinterest, unashamedly and often. I love the people who invented it and put it out there as a free resource and ideas factory. I love and thank every single one of those fantastically creative people that contribute their work, and those who find them, and re-pin for the rest of us. Hats off to them all. For inspiration you just can’t beat it. Whether pins are jaw-droppingly amazing from experts and professionals, or by newbies just starting to explore their creative side, or anywhere in between, they can all inspire you, create a spark, sow a seed.

For example, my cousin’s beautiful daughter is making her Confirmation very soon, so I want to make a card for the occasion. I have an enormous crafty stash, but religious imagery does not feature much. I thought I bought a church die once, on the grounds it was a really good price and it would serve me for just such a day, but just when I need it I cannot find it. Typical. I contemplated cutting out a simple cross shape as a starting point, but my craft knife skills are rubbish and my eye is super-critical, so I would see every wiggle, wobble or deviation from the straight line and it would be binned, no question.

What to do? Pinterest, of course. A quick search yielded a couple of cards featuring doves. The spark! Somewhere, I had a Martha Stewart dove punch. And, luckily, I found it! I hoped that something with vellum and layers would emerge in time for the occasion, and this is it:

confirmation card

Once finished, typically, I found the church die. But actually I decided I liked this image more. There was a bit of a dilemma between a plain or embossed background but the inner cardmaker won out over possible religious authenticity and I went for embossed on the grounds of prettiness. It’s still doves, so hopefully still appropriate!