Mixing print and pattern

So, I usually like pretty much everything Craftwork Cards produce, but the Heritage Rose range is possibly my favourite. Or at least it is at the moment, anyway! It includes the rose images that are so popular right now, plus the most gorgeous patterned papers. They go together in that ‘almost clashing but actually looking fab’ kind of way. I love every last spot, stripe and squiggle of them.

This first card is just simple hearts:

CWC Heritage Rose 4

They are edged with Glamour Dust but you can’t tell!

This one is a good way to use up those little strips you don’t want to throw away:

CWC Heritage Rose 1

And here’s another heart, also with invisible Glamour Dust!

CWC Heritage Rose 2

I think it is the pop of black and white that really does it for me.