2 bees, or not 2 bees…..

Well, only one ‘bees’ at the moment. As in a card featuring bees. The second card is buzzing around (sorry) in my head and is mid-construction, but I’m not sure that what I want to do is actually possible. Which means it goes onto the ‘when I have more time’ pile, or to that farm in the country…..

I have seen a few people embossing patterned paper and thought it looked pretty interesting, and this bee print from Craftwork Cards seemed like a perfect match for my Crafter’s Companion honeycomb folder, alongside the FREE hexagonal dies I used a few weeks ago for my ‘Quilty as charged’ post.

It’s interesting, because embossing printed paper seems to change the texture in a way that embossing plain paper, well, doesn’t really! It feels softer, more pliable. If you remember ever coming across those small leaves of face powder that had been transferred in a really thin layer onto a matchbook size sheet of paper (probably in the 1950s), to deal with the dreaded shiny nose, it feels a bit like that!

Other than that, I have added wellies, a watering can and greeting and a bit of baker’s twine. A totally flat and very easy card.

CWC potting shed bees and wellies card


Here’s a bit of detail, should you be keen for a close-up!

CWC potting shed bees and wellies detail


Quilty as charged

I might need to take my temperature. Some strange delirium has taken hold. I’ve ditched the pastels and gone homespun. Brown and orange homespun to boot.

OK, what actually happened was that I was looking for something else (always am) and I came upon a paper pad I bought ages ago and had never opened. Which, as we know, is a crime against paper and the only way to make reparation is to use it, immediately.

I bought the Crafter’s Companion magazine a couple of weeks ago and had been waiting for inspiration to offer up an idea for the free hexagon dies that came with it. That moment had arrived. Rubbish timing because I wanted to do something else, but when life offers you hexagons, you make something tessellating. It’s the law.

I kept it pretty simple. No man’s land is a dangerous place after all and you need to get in and out again lickety-split.

hexagon honey

The papers are lovely, so it is nice to use them, even though it was only a 4cm square from each sheet! Using the die to cut a little window has worked well too. Next time I would put a greeting there. Or maybe use 3d foam to layer the whole panel onto another piece of card in the same colour as the base, with a scrap of another pattern recessed below the die cut negative space so you get different dimension going on.  (I raised the hexie with the flower image up on this card but the light for the photo was pretty bad so it is not too clear).

I expect normal pastels will be resumed again tomorrow!