So, today I opened a box and….

…found this inside. Along with about 10 other cards I had made goodness knows how long ago and then, clearly, put in a safe place (!!) and forgot. I quite liked this happening though. It’s the papercraft equivalent of reaching for an old handbag and finding a ten pound note nestling in the interior. An unexpected and happy surprise. So often we get caught up in the now, the latest purchase, the newest thing, and coming across a reminder of something you have had for a while just makes you excited about it all over again.

fabulous cakesThis was from a House of Zandra CD called Fabulous Tea & Cakes. The artwork is imaginative and whimsical, yet cleverly reproduced so the decoupage layers are easily achievable but you still keep all that lovely fine detail. Love, love, love it like a long lost friend. Can’t think why we were apart for so long!