In the wee small hours

You know that maelstrom of thought that goes through your head when you can’t sleep? Here’s a smattering of my wee small hours lunacy earlier today:

 “Oh, no, brain is pinging thoughts around in my head like a pinball machine again…

Why is it called a chain of thought anyway?

Hmm, chains…who said ’man is born free and everywhere he is in chains’? French chap…Descartes…no….Rousseau…I think…?

Was there a Mrs Rousseau? And if so, did she have a trousseau?

What then was Descartes famous for….oh yes, ‘I think therefore I am’….

Remember that book of graffiti you had as a kid?  With the joke version ‘I’m pink, therefore I’m Spam’?

Well that joke won’t work nowadays will it, because Spam doesn’t mean processed luncheon meat to most people any more….

If I was writing this down I could put LOL at the end of that sentence…

I don’t like the look of LOL.. do I like ‘The Look of Love’? Not sure. Who recorded it anyway?? Oh yes, Dusty Whatshername…who calls a kid Dusty? Was that her real name?

Back to LOL. it does come in handy…I use it, but I don’t like looking at it…probably because it is in shouty capitals…

But what is the present participle? When I use LOL, I can’t be ‘lolling’, can I? Can I? Am I?”

Oh sleep, where art though??

Here’s a card.

TL Ornate Lattice cut out 2

This is made using Tattered Lace Ornate Lattice. It is a two-part set that can cut into your card, and then has a separate outer die if you want to remove it completely. I haven’t used dies quite in this way before, but purely by luck really I worked out that it was easier to just cut into a piece of card about two centimetres bigger than the detail die itself, then snip out the section you want at the top and bottom, but leave the sides with their border intact. This border keeps it stable for sticking down. Your base card needs therefore to be smaller than your selected section. Stick it onto your card, then trim off your ‘stabilisers’ at the sides. I realise it might have been helpful if I had taken pictures as I went along (!!), but if anyone wants to give it a go and needs me to explain myself better, just put it in a comment and I’ll do a step-by-step.
It is relatively quick to do and quite effective. I’m going to try it out in lots of different colour combinations and with similar dies.