Happy Retirement

My mother is finally retiring, after working more or less constantly for 60 years. At an age past which many people stop working, she started a new job as a Medical Secretary, a highly responsible position which she has held, awesomely, for 15 years. She should be far better rewarded for all her hard work than she has been, but I can do nothing about that. I can though try to help her through a massive life change. Goodness knows she has done it for me enough times.

She doesn’t want any fuss, no party or ‘leaving do’, but it is unknown territory and who on earth can anticipate how they would feel as they leave work for the very last time? So, for her final day I have made her some favours to share. These small offerings are only folded and glued paper containing a few sweets, but sometimes just giving a little something brings levity instead of awkwardness. It can show love, or appreciation of help, of support, of fun, or just old-fashioned comradeship in a sea of adversity.

Paper is my ‘thing’ and I love the fact that a little bit of it, made into something pretty, can bring a smile, some fun, a little happy moment, or tell someone you care about them.

retirement favours

On a practical note: yes, I did check she would like some before going ahead! Sorry the photo is not great but I was in a hurry to get to work myself.

These are easy to make. I used the Tonic Tent Gift Bag die. Just make up the bag, then punch a single hole in the top through all layers. Make a loop from ribbon: a 20cm length gives you enough to trim up neatly afterwards without being wasteful. Stick the loopy bit through the punched hole (I go from back to front) and pull the tails of the ribbon through the loop, tightening it up gently. The little word strips are just computer printed. The (slightly) clever bit is that instead of adding these when you make the ribbon fastening and then trying to get everything going in the right direction, not puckering or tearing or insisting on facing the wrong way, you cheat. Punch a hole again near the top, then cut a small slit from an outside edge to the centre of the punched hole and just hook it over your ribbon. You can see it on the bag on the far left. I thought pretty much everyone knew this trick but apparently not. Happy to share!