Pawsitive thinking

What is your favourite thing about your pet? Physically, I mean. Not their winning personality, or the fact that they like your company, don’t answer back, gaze at you lovingly and laugh at your jokes. Tails are fun, and surprisingly communicative. You can tell a lot from a tail. Ears too, tell all sorts. Alert, chilled, interested, bored, ready to pounce and maim… Whiskers – meh. Not so much. Just glorified facial hair. For me, it is paws. Cat, dog, mouse, gerbil, all good. Not so keen on hooves. They are paws with toenails, really. But soft, furry paws and pads are the best…

So, what do you love about your pet?

Oh, and in case you haven’t seen this clip… (don’t worry about the title)

Such table manners! Can somebody please just give them a second bowl?!