I feel bad…

In more ways than one. Still rather under the weather, virus gone, something else has kicked in. Basically I have spent another two days on the sofa, under blankets, watching movies. Doesn’t sound too bad if it is by choice, right? But if it is because you feel completely rubbish then it is not so darn great, frankly.

The second reason I feel bad is because I have put my faith in something that has let me down. Namely the WordPress app for my tablety-thingy. I don’t usually use it very much for WP, although there have been days where I have relied on it completely, but generally I prefer a proper keyboard. However with the pc a whole other room away it seemed a good solution to be able to keep up with everyone’s blogs whilst lounging around feeling sorry for myself.

It looked like everything was pretty quiet out there in blog land. I saw some posts from regulars, but not that many. I figured everyone had maybe started Christmas preparations, or were perhaps just slumped over the kitchen table, trying to rally themselves to hit the shops or internet with November’s pay check.

So I went back to the movie watching. Then today, as I was scrolling through, I noticed that the posts in my ‘followed sites’ feed jumped from -3hrs to -20hrs. It seemed a bit unlikely that NOBODY had posted ANYTHING four hours ago, or eight hours ago, or twelve…you get my drift.

I fired up the pc and, guess what? Posts aplenty! Loads of which I have missed. They simply do not show up in the app, or maybe it is the version I have? I don’t know. Although it has always been a bit temperamental: it keeps stopping, you have to wait 10 seconds after you have ’liked’ before you can move on, sometimes comments or likes on your posts don’t show up and so forth.

So I am sorry if I missed you, and I will try to catch up with everyone as best I can.

In the meantime, this (approximate) quote from one of the several thousand Christmas movies I have watched tickled me. I’ll set the scene. A mother becomes disillusioned with her life for various reasons. And, because it is a Christmas movie, she ends up in an alternate life, married to the wealthy chap she had dated previously. Because the money is all new to her she goes mad, and maybe makes a few OTT faux pas on the clothing/hair/makeup side. She also now has a kindly maid. The woman gets dressed up for what she hopes is a hot date night with her husband. She asks the kindly maid “What do you think? Do I have too much jewellery on?” The maid (kindly) says “well for a float in a parade, no. But for a person, yes”.

Maybe I have just watched one ten too many….


Gettin’ reflective

Not another post about mirrors. I have been blogging for exactly 6 months today, and thought I might do one of those ‘looking back, what have I learnt’ posts. Hmmnn.

Firstly I have learnt not to look back too quickly, makes me dizzy.

What else? Well, OK, I have learnt that I like blogging, which is actually a surprise, because I didn‘t think I would. I don‘t know why I had felt that way, maybe just the whole ’social media’ thing daunted me a bit. I cannot cope with Facebook: it is just too ‘busy‘ visually and literally. But blogging is different. It is BRILLIANT fun to have little chats or exchanges with total strangers. Blogging puts you in touch with amazing people you would never normally meet.

Some of my preconceptions have been challenged. People I thought were super-cool, or super-talented, or super-funny and would therefore never look at my blog, or comment, or click to follow have done just that. It’s a lovely thing.

I have had some of the most fun and funniest ‘conversations’ here or on other blogs. There’s a wealth of wit out there.

People are nice. The times I have posted about a (creative) disaster, or dearth of ideas, bloggers ALWAYS step up and say something kind, or supportive, or just laugh at the disaster with me.

I should have read the manual. Is there a manual? Blogging for the Inept? I didn’t read it. I got talked though my first post over the phone by my sister and then got typing. If I had read the manual I might have saved myself a LOT of time. I would have found that I had email followers as well as WordPress ones. It took me a while to find the WordPress ones too! I would have worked out what the Notifications button did, instead of flicking back and forth from email to other sites to comment or reply. I would have learnt earlier to search using tags to find other blogs that would be fun to read or follow. I should probably read the manual now anyway…. Based on this track record I think it is fair to assume I am still probably doing a bajillion things wrong!

Anything else? Oh yes, blogging is starting to creep into everyday life a little too much. I have found myself typing replies to work emails and then realising I have gone way too heavy on the exclamation marks, and smiley faces are really not an appropriate response to a Senior Partner. Nor is telling him that I ‘love his work’. He took it pretty well though.

Lastly I have learnt that no matter how hard I try, I cannot break the internet. Good to know.


Thanks, Mrs Craft

Subtitle: Not sure if I can ‘link’, I think. Sounds like a modern Winnie the Pooh poem.

So I’m still relatively new to blogging and don’t want to get my etiquette wrong. Manners are important, but if I don’t know the ‘done thing’ then I have to do my own thing and hope for the best.

A fellow blogger tagged me in on a Blogger Recognition Award. Thank you so much craftandothercrazyplans for the nomination. It was lovely of you to include me. However, I don’t think I have enough other bloggers that I ‘know’ well enough to tag forward, so cannot join in right now, but another time maybe?

I have though had a ball browsing through some of the blogs on Mrs Craft’s list, and will work my way through everyone soon. This is one of the best things about blogging – I love seeing what other people are doing, even if it is not what I am currently ‘in to’. It inspires you, reminds you. I have a whole room full of paper and card, but I am eyeing up yarn again. And don’t get me started on the Sewing Bee: I can almost smell the machine oil and pressing cloth…

Thanks, Mrs Craft! I had a lovely time checking out your blogging chums and finding more people to follow!

This is the bit you say really, really fast like they do in the last two seconds of insurance/credit card adverts: sorry if I broke any rules. I didn’t include the word nomination in the heading or tags so as not to transgress. Any further transgressions or faux pas are purely unintentional. Really, I don’t actually know what I am doing! Before today I did not know how to ‘link’ to another site or person so this may or may not work. It looks ok from my end but we’ll see. If not, I have no idea how to sort it out. I suggest old-fashioned typing. And, breathe!