Some technical hitches…

…and YAY definitely NOT me to blame this time! I think…

Is this happening to anyone else? I start to go through my Notifications. I see a comment so type my reply and hit send. Then I get that sad, slow circle that looks like it barely has the energy to complete itself…creeping…slowly progressing around and around…and finally a red box telling me my message has failed and to try again later.

I used to follow this instruction and wait a bit (although to be fair, probably not long enough) but the message would never send, and it seemed to struggle with a couple of fellow bloggers in particular. Now when this happens I just click into the other sites to reply, or reply via my posts.

I can live with this I guess. Maybe it is my pc? No, because it is not limited to only the pc. Maybe I am doing something wrong? Maybe it is just how it is sometimes?

But it happened to me again last night. I had quickly scanned through the Notifications, then typed the first reply, which would not send. Plan B (as described in great tactical detail above) to be implemented. A cold drink would surely help as the UK has turned into Bermuda for the last few days. Armed with something chilled I log back in. Some of the comments I just saw are no longer in the Notifications. Horror! Scroll up, down, up again just in case (I know, but hope springs eternal). Gone. Close down, go back in, still gone.

So now I am playing a version of that party game we ’enjoyed’ as kids. Where the mum uncovered a random selection of items on a dinner tray and you had a few seconds to memorise, wait a bit, then itemise. Time to deploy those skills!! See? Partying is not a waste of time after all.

Think hard, visualise the screen…who commented, who replied to my comments…and to which post… I remembered some, but have no clue if I remembered them all. This is not the first time comments or ‘likes’ have just not appeared in Notifications either. And I haven’t accidentally deleted any comments for a long time now. Really. I am a reformed blogger. Or at least a marginally more competent one.

So apologies if it looks like I have ignored you – it has not been deliberate. If someone is nice enough to make a comment or reply to mine, I always intend to respond in some way.

But also, is this just me? Does it happen to you? Can I fix it? Easily? Or shall I just jump up and down and go ‘waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah’? Yep, not gonna lie, I feel a bit better for that!