Nominations Mash-up

Recently, over a period of about ten days, I was named by five different bloggers for four blogger ‘awards’ or tags.

Obviously I didn’t know that was going to happen. I was just thinking of my answers to the first nomination, when nominations two and three came in within a day or so of each other, for a different award, but the same as each other. Did I explain that OK? I suspect not. Maybe I should do a flow chart…. I figured I’d still join in, but stagger the replies by a few days or more. Then, reading other blogs, I saw nomination four and a tag for number five.

It’s lovely that other bloggers did this, but seriously, there are simply not enough interesting things about me to reply to five nominations. Not even my nearest and dearest would be able to maintain any semblance of interest. Actually they would probably flag after one post, seeing as they know (pretty much) all of it already.

So, to serve the greater good, I have decided on a nominations mash-up. I will join in with the spirit, but answer one question for each of the single nominations and two for the double one. Still with me? Would the flow chart help?

OK, here we go.

First received was the Sunshine Blogger from Madgeface at Little Golden Notebook. Thanks! I am pretty certain there is nothing this lady does not know about knitting, and she has helped me out quite a few times with answers or resources when I have had questions. Also she is surprising – she managed to remind me that sometimes Glenn Miller is just what I need to listen to!

The question I am answering here is: what sound or noise do you hate?

The alarm clock (well phone alarm). I am not a natural really early riser and having to stir at 6-something in the morning is a task I would happily forgo. What happened to those visions of 21st century life we were promised, where technology and robots would combine to allow us to rise, go through all the necessary ablutions and preparations and make it to our desk refreshed and ready to go within 15 minutes of rolling out of bed? Cmon boffins, forget sending probes to mars and deal with the stuff that would make you really popular and maybe get a high school named after you.

Secondly for a nomination for the Versatile Blogger I need to thank Mrs Craft from Craftandothercrazyplans. I can’t think of a better nom-de-blog (does that exist?) for this lady. She is indeed craft personified. She is multi-talented, very supportive, witty, a good writer of a story and highly entertaining.

Thirdly Samantha from samanthamurdochblog nominated me for the same award – thanks! Amazing and interesting cat and crystal knowledge to be found here. I am being educated in a subject I never considered before now, not being a ‘rock chick’ myself. Also, funny, funny, funny, make me laugh out loud kind of funny.

For this you had to share 7 things about yourself. So I will answer once for each nomination, two in total (really should have done that flow chart).

I once trod on Boy Georges foot. Accidentally, because I stepped backwards and he was behind me. He was very nice about it. Im pretty sure I did no lasting damage. I have never seen him limping

I can make a 360 degree circle holding a glass of liquid at arms length without spilling it. A vertical circle, like a ferris wheel, not just standing and turning around! Actually it is really easy. Try it. Outdoors.

Next I would like to thank the Chicken Grandma for the Black Cat Blue Sea Award nomination. You know when you come across someone whose life is radically different from yours, but you just get on and feel like you have known them for ages? That is how I feel about this super person. The Chicken Grandma writes beautifully, from the heart. But she makes me laugh too.

The question I am answering is: what is your favourite thing to do, and with whom?

Now I was going to put something about sharing a meal (preferably outdoors, on a lovely day, but no wasps in sight) with family and friends that I don’t see very often, but in writing this I have changed my mind. I realise that my most favourite thing to do, at any time of the day, and with absolutely anyone, is share a laugh. It makes the day better. It’s as simple as that.

Finally my thanks go to Cobs, from the Cobweborium Emporium for the Happiness Tag. This lady is kind, encouraging, knowledgeable and hugely talented. And guess what? Yes, she makes me laugh! Like a naughty kid, hoping not to be found out. We have some totally daft conversations and I enjoy every single one.

I am supposed to say something that makes me happy. All the obvious stuff, of course, but I figure a different kind of answer is called for here. So I am going with small acts of kindness from one stranger to another. It’s a great thing, and should happen rather more often.

I feel like I have made too long a speech at the Oscars and the ‘get her off’ music has started.

Now, because I didn’t really ‘obey the rules’ I am not using any of the logos or icons or whatever they are called, and for the same reasons I am not going to nominate anyone else. But it was fun to join in. Apologies to the above five that it took me so long to work out how I was going to do it!


59 thoughts on “Nominations Mash-up

  1. GREAT answers Puff. Lovely post. Fabulous read.

    I know three of the bloggers you’ve named, and will visit the blogs of the two folks I don’t know.
    But … who the heck is this Cobs woman? “Kind, encouraging, knowledgeable and hugely talented. And [. . .], she makes me laugh!”?
    I’m the only ‘Cobs’ I know and it’s definitely not me, cause you said ‘knowledgeable’ and ‘talented’. That’s two things I know nothing about for a start!

    No, I know of no one like that. You’ve obviously made her up inside your head.

    love you inspite of yourself. ~ Cobs. x

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      1. FOUND THEM! Panic over. They were right beside Daniel Craig. He is sitting on the sofa, doing some needlepoint…with a toucan… Hmmn, did I take one too many…?

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Firstly that’s not Daniel Craig. That’s Judge Rinder trying to have a quiet lunch hour. It’s not needlepoint … he’s repairing his Strictly costume. All the beads dropped off so he’s putting them back on. The Toucan … is the wig he’s going to be wearing.

        And yes … too many blue Smarties for you young lady.
        It’s way past your bedtime. Off you go.

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      3. My mistake…should have gone to Specsavers…Seems like a nice chap though… Please excuse me, I have some sewing to help with…

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      4. *where’s my camera … these opportunities don’t come along too often.

        [thinks to self: I wonder if I should rescue him? He’s going pink. Oh.. now purple. Oh my stars…. I think he’s choking …. quick .. get the camera]

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    1. I’d not heard of them either until I first got nominated. They are, in my opinion, more of a ‘tag and pass it on’ kind of thing. I assume the intention is to introduce bloggers to each other, maybe find some new blogs of interest and so on. No prizes though!

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      1. No, I wasn’t thinking about prizes, I’d just never seen any information about them. (Is there a central repository for info like this on WordPress?) I like discovering new blogs and if these awards are a way to do that – and support each other – then that’s great! Thanks to your post, I’ve already found a couple more that I’ll be checking out!

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      2. The ‘prizes’ thing was just my sense of humour. I don’t know about a central repository – but I am barely proficient in WP so no big surprise maybe. You could though perhaps do a search, or create tags maybe?

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      3. Nooo… there are actual awards. (yes I’m being serious). You should find the award on the blog of the person who nominated you. It will be an award (picture) which you can put into your side bar (that bit over to the right of your blog page here, Puff). They’re called Widgets.

        Pop to my blog and look down the the side bar (on the right of my blog pages too) … an you’ll see two or three awards there. It’s easy to put them into your side bar, via the widget setting.

        If you want to do it, have a go. If you get stuck gimme a shout and I’ll try to do a step by step instruction.
        ❤ ~ Cobs. x

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      4. No, I didn’t participate fully, I just joined in a bit. I’m fine with it, honest! I think I have a thing about screens with a lot going on, so clean and simple is good for me. Thanks so much for the offer of help though Xx

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      5. I like my screen that way! People can be as complicated and as fuzzy, messy, full on, out there, eclectic, whatever, as they please! I like you ‘cos you’re nuts!

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      6. My nuts?
        [resist. resist. resist. . . . no… can’t…. help …. self ….]

        Why you’re getting very personal there Puff! [blushes. then squeaks. then splutters. then runs out of room before she absolutely bursts like a balloon which has been popped with a needle]

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      7. Sorry! Tiny little typo there – blinking predictive text again ! Am back on pc & has now been corrected. I meant to say that you ARE nuts! But in the nicest way…

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      8. LOL
        yeah ..I know. But just for a moment … it was such a funny tickle that my brain ran away from me, just for a moments Friday Night Fun.

        Ah … what it is to have an inner child who likes to run round giggling.

        Love you Puff. Night night. xxx

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  2. Well done for being nominated so many times. Your lovely comment about me made me blush a bit, thank you! Great idea to do a mash up as well. Laughter is super important, there are way too many serious things in life.

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  3. Congratulations! And thank you for the nice things you said 🙂 Hmm “Rock Chick”…a play on words I never considered! Love your blog…although you may have to re-consider Daniel Craig…I don’t think I’d let him in the wardrobe…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I got the ‘rock chick’ phrase from my sister and a previous website of hers – she loves stones and crystals! Anyway, turns out Daniel Craig was a mirage, so just me and the toucan then. And NO! neither of us can make a ‘toucan play that game’ joke. Or ‘toucan tango’ either. No ‘toucan punnery what. so. ever.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am slumped, defeated. I thought I had covered the exits with the ‘no toucan puns’ rule. I forgot I was dealing with a vet’s daughter! I’ll have to try and claw back a victory another time…

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      2. Ahh, now, I wasn’t sure whether you were perhaps toying with me, luring me into reaching for the doffing cap too soon but you would be surprised what you can see from the bottom of the wardrobe..hence…now I am feline a little more cheerful I will leave the toucan punnery and consider adding a claws to my dusting contract in your cabinet…

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      3. Well, we might have to wing it a little, try hard not to get in a flap if things go wrong, but I really think we can soar to new heights in government…

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      4. Ha ha! No..I’m not very good at planning all the moves ahead as I tend to forget the inbetween ones and I can see logically what the final goal should be with absolutely no idea of how to actually get there. Or why I need to get there. For some reason I am now seeing Ikea…

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  4. Brilliantly done!!! I like Mrs. Cobs know 3 of the 5 who nominated you for your various prestigious awards. I am also going to have to check the other two out.
    Thank you for the very nice things you said about me :). I am glad I do make you laugh…that is one of my goals in life. I just wish there was not so much ocean between us and I could share all the good jokes and stories with you in person. I have a feeling you have a lot of very good stories……twisted stories….but really really funny, good stories.

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  5. Oh my…you had me laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair! I needed this today as tomorrow I must return to work…..after 11 days of being lazy! Actually 1 1/2 day of driving, 7 days of laying on the beach (with plenty of cold ones by my side…drinks that is) then another 1 1/2 days of driving, 1/2 day of doing all the laundry from the previous 10 days, and finally 1 day of doing nothing! Hmm….back to work tomorrow, and of course card making! I need to get 11 cards done for the kiddos for Halloween, and then a few more birthday cards, then 11 cards for the kiddos for Thanksgiving, and finally start my Christmas cards! How is it we seem to get more done when we have less time to do so? 🙂

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    1. I know exactly what you mean. If my ‘available time’ is theoretically unlimited, often not much gets achieved. Give me a deadline counted in hours and I am an age-appropriate version of Superwoman! Sort of…Hope you get everything done and I look forward to seeing it.

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