S’elf’ish shopping

This is why I need parental controls for internet shopping. In my email I came across a spanking little elf outfit for cats or small dogs. It cost a couple of quid, free p&p and before you could say ‘disgruntled pussycat’ one was in the post.

I am not one to routinely dress the cat, but I had a brief moment of optimism here when I thought I might get some cute pictures for next year’s Christmas cards. Totally forgetting of course that cats will pretty much do what they want, and you can’t easily make them pose for any photo, let alone a shoot in good daylight, on a nice rug or cushion. Throw a bit of fancy dress in there and you are channelling Pollyanna big time. It is definitely more ‘carpe diem’ than Annie Leibovitz.

The outfit arrived on Saturday. It is just a hat and a collar with bells on. So, collar has to go on first or you will knock the hat off. Easy. The elf collar is elasticated and quite loose, so certainly not going to constrict in any way. I know that if you want to do something to a cat (flea it, worm it, medicate it, put it in a costume for you own entertainment) then it is best NOT to give chase, but bide your time. So, Riley (the cat) is dozing on the sofa. I had already let him sniff the hat and collar when they arrived so they were familiar. Pretty much any new item needs to be sniffed. Now I just gently popped the collar over his head. So far, so fancy! Then we went for the hat. I knew that the hat was aspirational (for me) and probably never going to work. I was not wrong. Nor was I quick enough to get a photo of the walking backwards (why do they think that will help?), or the rapid flurry of paws that speedily dislodged the offending headgear.

Maybe I will try the hat again. I will leave it lying around, see if he gets used to it. But I am not going to push it. His dignity must be considered!

I don’t think he liked the collar as such (judge for yourself from the following pictures), but he was ok with it and didn’t try to pull it off or run away. Maybe he just needs some time to earn his stripes!


Ah well, there’s always next year.


74 thoughts on “S’elf’ish shopping

  1. Aww he’s so sweet. I love the passive resistance.
    When we first got Kye he managed unbuckle his collar and lose it completely in my living room. It turned up a month later behind the radiator. I don’t think he’d tolerate anything pretty or fun x

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    1. Yes, I think some cats are ok and some will never be comfy. Riley is generally fine with anything, so I didn’t feel like I was upsetting hm. But other cats I have known would be rather different!

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  2. Riley is very cute in the collar. I love the description of removing the hat – “rapid flurry of paws” sounds very accurate from what I know of cats. Hoping he’ll warm up to the hat long enough for a photo opp. Cheers!

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  3. I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard – please don’t tell Riley. I had to be very fast to get pictures of my cats in last month; the camera (my phone) was on and ready before I put the hat on the cat so I got 1 or 2 okay shots before they tried to walk out of them. Jeff, my ginger kitty, actually tried to jump through the hat after backing out of it didn’t work – hilarious for me, not so much for him.

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      1. We’re so bad, we’re good. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

        Also, I’ll have to dig out the picture of Jeff in his tie (yes, I have a collar with a shirt collar with a tie on it for him) or take a new one. 😀


  4. HA HA HA! He looks wonderful…I hope you realise you will now be solely responsible for the insertion of my four cats into suitably themed Christmas outfits…(pause while I inform cats) Um. Maybe not. They have just threatened me with some remarkably inventive revenge involving brussel sprouts…back to the wardrobe for me…

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    1. Lol. sprouts aren’t welcome anywhere! But think of the group photo! It’d be worth losing a pint or two of blood, and needing some tetanus shot boosters, right?

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      1. Sure. Not sure they appeared in Dickens. Maybe they were outshone by Ye Olde Terry’s Chocolate Orange.


  5. Oh bless his darling little heart. He’s put up with such a load of indignation there.

    Just you wait until you’re either asleep … or out of the house, and Riley is the one in charge. He’ll get his own back for this, y’know!
    Poor baby.

    (He does look kinda cute though. lol)
    ~ Cobs. x

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    1. He was FINE!!! It was five minutes tops, and actually he tried to stick his head through it again later! Of course if I wake up with permanent pen scribbled all over my face I may have only myself to blame….


  6. Ha – How cute. I can tell Riley is tolerating this collar, but there is no thrill. Funny. Thanks for sharing all the photos – was very amusing. LOL

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      1. No that’s all fine 🙂 once it’s live it’ll link to your blog so you should get a little notification in wordpress.

        You are always welcome to send in photos or submit guest stories btw. Plus we’ve just launched a forum for cat lovers where you can even put up links to your own posts. 🙂

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  7. Riley looks nice in this green collar! I believe he was fine, otherwise he wouldn’t have allowed you to do this! We couldn’t even imagine putting anything on our cat, but my aunt’s cat was completely fine with such things and her children were dressing him up all the time.

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  8. That is hilarious! I wonder what he is actually thinking? Probably looking at you and imagining you in a Christmas outfit of his choosing?
    When we were kids we would put things on our cats and watch them walk really low. I think they figured if they walked with their bellies scraping the ground the clothes would come off. It was great entertainment.

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  9. Still laughing! Aww! so sute. Although, I think in photo six, Riley maybe thinking “haa he who laughs last laughs longest….I will get my own back” Watch out for the ninja revenge attack 🙂
    Hugs Flo x

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      1. Indeed the did. We avoided dressing her though. We just plonked lots of chritmas stuff around her and hoped for the best! Maybe that would work better for you for next year?


    1. Hi, I just got the email sign-up sorted out – thanks for prompting me to do it! I have also followed you by email as your site looks fab!


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