Mojo Doldrums, located 51° N, 0.1° W

I have made nothing, for days and days. In my previous post I said I was inhabiting the Mojo Doldrums (small group of islands populated by burnt-out crafters). Now it feels like the other inhabitants have called a meeting, decided I am some kind of evil spirit sucking the creativity from all of them, and voted to set me adrift in a small boat. Of course the boat is fabulous, fashioned from pipe cleaners and squeezy bottles, covered in glitter and with crochet sails and knitted bedlinen (crafters are kind, after all). I do have a tiny complaint about the practicality of the macramé water bottle though… So, becalmed in a toxic fog of crafter’s block I sat, and tried, but could do nothing. Not even an idea, never mind trying stuff and it going wrong. That would actually be progress, this week!

This evening, a tiny little glimmer. Just a simple card, combining digital content, dies and stamps. I used Serif CraftArtist and resized some of the various Louise Tiler ‘materials’ to make some close-patterned squares, then die cut balloons and gave them glittery cord strings (sorry, Myra, if you read this!). The ’friend’ Altenew stamp and die is one I made a while ago and didn’t use because I messed up the rest of the project. Like that never happens!

That’s all I have. Tonight I plan on drinking the sea water.

Pretty balloon bunch


24 thoughts on “Mojo Doldrums, located 51° N, 0.1° W

  1. Keep sailing through those waters! I know I’ve been staring at the same page layout for a week. My only progress is moving things around and then starting all over again. The creativity will come back to both of us.

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  2. I think you’ve said ‘adios’ to those islands and ‘hola’ to your creative mojo again with this lovely card Gill! (were they Spanish speaking islands?!!) I love the pretty pastels and layout – fab card amigo!!!

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  3. Aaaahh! How did I miss this when I love balloons! Really pretty colours- I like the different texturing, using the thread as strings…and I love the sound of your boat!

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  4. Like your thinking. Yes, if you can fit on a flake of glitter comfortably it must I guess be ok. Not sure it would get the BSI kitemark though. Perhaps they just never tested on microscopic pixies?


  5. Oy… don’t you sit there in that boat and think I’m going to let you get away with it!

    Trick to get out of the doldrums …
    Pick a colour you’d like to work with
    Pick an accent colour
    Choose something in a colour which will draw all three colours together.
    Go to Pinterest and put in the search bar: Handmade card.
    The first card you come to which you really like the layout of … Make that card – only in the colours you’ve already chosen.
    You won’t end up with the card you saw … you’ll end up with the card YOU create and it’ll be a great card.

    As soon as you can after this, make another card. Or a Tag. Or a Scrapbook page … or make something with a glass jar (again go and look on pintrest for ‘enthusiasm’)

    Try to keep making until you don’t have to try anymore. It won’t take long. But don’t fret it. It’s just a moment. Nothing to sweat over. You’re mojo will come back. It might actually be (as someone else suggested) that the summer is affecting you. It makes some people tired and like they just want to sit.

    We’ll all hang around until you make things again. In the meantime .. don’t go quiet because then we’ll just worry about you. 🙂
    Sending crafty squidges ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Oh I wish I had seen this earlier today – I shut myself away from all distraction to try and get something done, which I have sort of managed but it is not great. These are brilliant tips, and I will definitely follow your advice. Thanks for being so bloomin’ lovely! Xx

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  6. Don’t be too hard on yourself, after all craft is what comes from the soul, you can’t force it, or make it work, (I know this first hand), so I think it’s time for reflection when your creative side wants to rest. While it’s resting, you go of and discover another world, and somewhere deep within, a little light will start to burn and when it roars, it will take all the new things you’ve seen and done, and turn it into a whole new world of craft……so go play while the soul rests… things are stirring! 🙂 x

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    1. You are so right. I know it can’t be forced, only ‘encouraged’, maybe? But I forget and wonder why I can’t produce. I will just relax, and wait. Thanks Kim, you are one lovely lady!

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