Seaside surprise

I had a lovely visit to the coast last week to see my mum, sister and her partner. I was well fed (and watered!) and had the chance to walk on the beach and chat to the seagulls. What, just me? Ok then. There is always something going on, something interesting, different or fun to look at or to do there. On the Friday evening we heard cycle bells and we rushed to the window to see a whole straggling string of cyclists, young and not so young, wearing silver foil costumes to resemble a robot or the Wizard of Oz Tin Man, and with their bikes covered in fairy lights. Mad, but brilliant. Apparently it happens every week in September! Then a little while later a laser light show started on the pier. It was a beautiful warm night so we just went out for a walk along the promenade to enjoy it. There is a real holiday atmosphere there and I am so glad my mum has been able to move to such a lively, vibrant place.

When my sister and I get together the talk always turns crafty. In the nice way. I knew she would love the idea of paper bag books/albums, and I was not wrong! Now I will be sending her some bits and pieces to create one herself to showcase her art dolls. But in the chatting about the various ways they can be constructed, my mum produced a gift I made for her a couple of years ago. It hadn’t occurred to me until that minute that it was also a sort of paper bag album. I didn’t have my camera with me so these are taken in my sister’s kitchen on a mobile phone. And some prosecco had been consumed…I think this is why we forgot about December…

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I made this following the instructions below from Clare Charvill at My Creative Spirit. This lady makes the most amazing projects.  It was the first time I had done anything like that, so I stuck pretty close to the tutorial I think. But then again if you are making the same object with the same materials I guess that is likely to happen! The paper pad for the inside is Graphic 45 A Place in Time and the outside sheet is Anna Griffin. I had to find something big enough as I only had a small pad of the G45 papers and this seemed to work nicely. The panel on the front is also Graphic 45 but I can’t remember which range – might be Secret Garden. I didn’t have any of the bags then so made my own pockets from brown parcel paper. Every page has got a top-loading pocket with a pull tab, but as they are filled with names and dates we didn’t think we should photograph them!

It took a while to make, but the instructions were clear and I don’t remember anything going wrong. It was enjoyable, I was pretty darn pleased with the end result and my mum loves it.


30 thoughts on “Seaside surprise

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. The cyclists must have been fun to see. That’s a lovely book you made for your mum. You always create a beautiful finish to your projects. Have you ever used envelopes. I struggle to get bags etc where I live so from time to time I have resorted to using them and they work out ok.
    Hugs Flo x
    P.S. have a lovely week.

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    1. I have literally made this book and the one I did last week so far! But yes, I can see that envelopes would work perfectly well too. Thanks for the tip and you have a good week too!

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  2. I’m not surprised your Mum loves it – it really is beautiful! I think you ought to make and sell these – you’d do really well I’m sure 🙂 Glad you had a good time on your trip – it sounds like a fun place to visit! It also sounds pretty quirky with the silver cyclists – my kinda town!

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    1. What a nice thing to say – thanks! At some point I would like to sell stuff I think. Mainly because otherwise we might be buried under a landslide of craft goodies! What a way to go…

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  3. Your trip to the coast sounds wonderful and it would have been great fun to see the cyclists go by.
    I love the album. I have never attempted one of those but I may have to try. Hopefully it would love as beautiful as yours and not a crafting fail. (I have had those :(. )

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  4. I love the sound of the bicycle bonanza! How exciting, especially as it was a surprise. No photos? Sounds like the perfect place for a visit. Thank you for posting the video of the tutorial. It looks really detailed. Your paper bag book is wonderful. Just imagine all the different styles/colours you could use. Great fun!!

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  5. Sounds absolutely delightful. Change is as good as a rest so they say! We to are hoping to move in about a year and desperate for the quiet life (if there is such a thing)! Loved your album, looks amazing 🙂 x

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  6. That’s awesome your mom loves the handmade gift. I am working on what I want to buy or make for my mom for her b-day in October. It’s coming up quickly!

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