Tickled? Well a bit of pink, anyway…

Whilst I have something out to make a card, I often figure I may as well make more than one. Give the product a bit of a workout. But without the lycra and the star jumps. So, three simple cards with one die set: MFT Die-namics Feathers & Arrows. I have been seeing a lot of pink and copper products and colour schemes and this tickled my fancy first. I used Brilliance Cosmic Copper ink and a really old embossing powder by Personal Impresssions called Copper Kettle. I dithered over straight or fuzzy line finish for the dipped feather and settled for fuzzy. If you deliberately choose imperfect then you are bound to get it right! The dotty feather is done with a stencil – the edges of the spots are a bit ragged but hey ho. I really like how this die creases down the centre, so you can easily get some dimension but they will still fold down flat for postage.


Card number two appeals to my sense of humour. The patterned papers are from theTrimcraft Paradise Crush pad, and they feature feathers. So I have feathers cut from papers with feathers on them. Just me then? Ok, fair enough. I know it looks a bit like a dream catcher, which is totally unintentional because dream catchers are something I find quite ugly! But, this is just a bunch of feather-feathers, right? I drop-shadowed the sentiment a bit to help it stand out more from the background paper.


The third one is super-quick. I sprayed the die cut feather with two shades of some ancient Cosmic Shimmer misters I had, then dipped the top in gold leaf paint. I had earlier tried embossing the top section of the feather in gold, but it looked a bit too muddy for my liking. Hence the dunking.


Three cards. That increases my output this week to, hmmn, three….peachy…





49 thoughts on “Tickled? Well a bit of pink, anyway…

  1. How pretty! Lovely cards,I like the feathers and colours too. I found a magpie’s feather the other day, colours on that were good.


  2. Cute! I love feathers, but they make me sneeze so the paper kind are right up my street. The copper effect is gorgeous too. I like the first one with spotty feather the best I think. All are fab though, the die was a good investment. 😊

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    1. Thanks. It was a really good price – under £8 for two feathers and a couple of different arrow options. I’m going to do some sympathy cards next with it I think.


  3. These are gorgeous! Lovely designs and variations. I can’t help but think of dream catchers when I look at the second one. Need to check out this die. The quality of the feathers is superb.
    Flo xx

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    1. I have never considered swapping – partly because I didn’t know people did that, but also as I am really trying to reduce the amount of stuff I have, selling would be the more sensible option. But I am not organised enough to do that yet. Until I do get organised I’d be happy to send you a few (no charge!).

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    1. How, funny, you are the second person to ask this today! I am not selling them at the moment, but hope I will be able to at some point. I’m still never really confident that they are something people would want to buy!


  4. Beautiful PP. I like them all, my top three (like there could be more than that?) are: Hello in 1st. Three Feathers on white dots in 2nd, and bringing up the rear is the pink zigzaggy background with the feathers held together with bakers twine.

    All really great makes. WTG you clever thing with the new machine!

    Now … could you please explain how you and I always seem to have a theme going at the same time? I’ve used feathers in my latest card that I’ve blogged about too! It’s like we have this ‘twin’ connection going. LOL
    Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x

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    1. I haven’t seen yours yet – will go check it out. I expect you will put me to shame as usual!! For some reason feathers seemed seasonally appropriate to me, then I thought, ‘no, that’s leaves, you numpty’…but I was gluing and sticking by then….

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      1. Feathers aren’t seasonal.
        Feathers, are eternal.

        Like you though, my thoughts have turned autumnal and I have this ticklish little idea going wrong my one brain cell and wondering if I could pull it off. Hmm… well, I’ll know by the end of tomorrow, because I’m going to give it a go and see what happens.

        Sending you squidges … oh, and like others have said, you SHOULD sell your cards. Etsy maybe?
        love ~ Cobs. x

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  5. These are great cards. I love organic things and feathers are so pretty. I do love the one at the bottom dipped in gold. It sounds and looks so opulent. Lovely.

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