Christmas card productivity increase of 200%!!

Sound impressive, right? Statistics can be misleading. Yes, I have increased my productivity by 200%. Maybe it might be 300%, I can never work these things out. I tried googling it and came out the other side only more confused and desperately in need of refreshment. If only I had a blogger friend who loves maths…(you know who you are, feel free to step in any time!). But the point is, I had ONE Christmas card, and now I have three. So the stats are impressive, but the basic numbers are rubbish!!


Anyway, these simple little cards were really fun to make. The two-stamp process for the fairy lights looked like it had major potential for disaster, especially as they are really, really tiny, but it works like a dream. Not one single one went wrong. Hurrah! Then the stamps and dies worked amazingly well together too: lining up the die over the fine line word stamp was really simple and it felt like some thought had gone into making this easy for us to do. Plus, I love them!! Can’t wait to try these out a bit more.


As usual I tried out baker’s twine, ribbon, even a jingle bell or two as a bit of extra embellishment, but rejected them all in favour of total minimalism. I got these little easels at The Works. How cool are they?! And they really are tiny – the cards are under 10cm square.

Supplies: Lawn Fawn Winter Big Scripty Words stamps and dies; Altenew inks: Teresa Collins Modern Stripe embossing folder; cards from my stash.




64 thoughts on “Christmas card productivity increase of 200%!!

    1. I got mine from Seven Hill Crafts. They stock loads of US lines and they post out really quickly too. Vital when you have made up your mind!


      1. I don’t think so, I wondered about a bow or string ( I like those..) but I think it would upset the balance. I like the minimalist look and try to transfer it to home…”lost cause” comes to mind as my partner is an inveterate hoarder and my son has crystals, books, books about crystals, college books…*sighs sadly*

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      2. I had the same wonder. But I couldn’t find anything that really worked. I think what I wanted was a thin diagonal stripe ribbon in red and white, but it has yet to be invented.. Maybe you could have a minimalist zone at home. Just a little corner, all nice and empty, save for one gorgeous chunk of rose quartz. On a plinth. With feature lighting. And maybe an aria playing softly.

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      3. I LOVE your way of thinking!! In addition to being PM you can obviously design and style wonderful homes for the 21st century! I can see it now…
        Btw…ribbon. Do you have a market near you? A traditional one that has stalls with patterns, embroidery silks etc.The one near us carries end of lines, different ribbons, trimmings and buttons and so forth. Might be worth a look 🙂

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      4. Lol! My partner’s mother knits..a lot..matinee jackets, cardigans and such like, with animal shaped buttons, of course..her sewing basket is a veritable Noah’s Ark, even giraffes as well as the more usual ducks and kittens 🙂

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    1. thanks Karen. I wasn’t sure if I had taken the ‘simple’ too far, but I have a couple of other ideas to try out too. I think you’d make brilliant use of them if you were to have a splurge!

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      1. I think it may be the contrasting color and the embossing; to me, the letters & lights don’t stand out as much on the all-white card. (Not that it’s awful and I have to shield my eyes while looking at it – I just like the red one a little more.)

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      2. Lol! Will I have to provide sunglasses and a health warning on the envelope?!! Or one of those funny things you get to look at an eclipse?! I can probably make one….

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      1. I got mine from Seven Hills Crafts – they specialise in US companies and they post out really quick too. Although I also just have to go down the drooling route sometimes too!

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  1. You’ve made 300% so far.
    You’ve improved your productivity by 200% (because before today you only had one card, but one day later you have 3, so you’ve improved productivity by 200%).

    Now I’ve given my brain cell a headache … let’s talk about those cards!

    LOVE them. Clean. Smart. Almost ‘tailored’. Stylish. … and Fun!
    You made two lovely cards and didn’t sweat over them. I’d call that a brilliant result!

    Well done PP.
    Now stop doing maths and make cards. It’s your ‘thing’. lol ~ Cobs. x

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  2. They are correct. You have increased your productivity by 200%! (New number minus starting number to find the difference. Difference divided by starting number then multiply by 100.) I hope I did not just give you a headache.

    I adore the red embossed stripe. It does a very nice job of setting off your stamping. I’m trying to to do some mental gymnastics by envisioning adding some ribbon. I cannot get it to work. The scripty nature of your stamp would look odd with the straight line of the ribbon.

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    1. I think you explained it perfectly! No painkillers required. You are right about the stamps not suiting ribbon – I hadn’t quite worked out that was the reason, I just knew nothing looked right. You have a good analytical brain I think. Thanks for helping!


  3. Oh what cute cards! I always start out wanting to make a simple card, but seem to end up taking them to the extreme sometimes! I think the most cards I finished in a day was maybe 50?? I mass produce my Christmas cards, so I do each step of the card for all of them and then move on to the next step… when I do the last step I am usually completing 50-60 cards in one day. LOL! Of course for the previous 2-3 weeks I don’t get a single card made. LOL! 🙂

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    1. Thank goodness you explained: for one minute I was nearly on the floor! I can only make about 5 or 6 of the same one before I get fed up. Clearly you have more staying power!

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  4. Was looking at those little fellas the other day, and you have truly done them justice!
    I love Lawn Fawn, and beware, you will get completely and hopelessly addicted, and you cannot stop buying them! lol my bank manager knows this only too well 🙂 x

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    1. I fear you may be right. Not used them before but goodness, they are so totally super. The stamps work first go, the dies fit so easily…brilliant. Nice that we can get so many of them here now too.

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      1. Ooh thanks! I have used Seven Hills and been very happy with them, but not heard of the other one. Best price always wins if they give good service too!

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      2. She’s a one man band that might take a while to post but she has messages on the home page and keeps you informed if there are any delays, but the price is the best anywhere I can find, unless you know different of course!

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