Is it snowing upside down?

A fourth Christmas card. At this rate I will be ready by about Boxing Day 2018. I’m going to have to get a wriggle on. Like most, I do struggle to deal with Christmas so early, but if I don’t speed up family and friends will be getting shop-bought (again).

What I should be doing is coming up with a few simple but (hopefully) classy designs that I can easily batch make, but that in an ideal world will make the onlooker gasp in wonder. What are the chances of that happening? Fat chance? Slim chance? Why do those both mean practically the same thing, when fat and slim are polar opposites?

Anyhoo, back to the point. So I should be trying to make something simple but stunning. Instead I decided to create a pull tab slider card. Go figure. I haven’t made any kind of slider since Methuselah was in short trousers, and then only a penny slider which is MUCH easier. I contemplated the penny slider here but if you are not a card maker and still reading this (thanks, and well done!) a penny slider makes the object roll in a circle rather than slide in a straight line. Meaning my little car would be involved in some horrific road accident. Not ideal. So I did a bit of YouTube swotting up and then got stuck in.


I used a whole mish-mash of products for this. The snow die (love it, love it, love it) is from Avery Elle. It cleverly cuts the holes to be the snowflakes. Genius. I will be using this a lot!

The houses, car and tree are Lawn Fawn, and so is the sentiment. The diagonal stripe is from Clearly Besotted. I was brave (foolhardy?) and used some alcohol markers to colour the car, although I did seriously contemplate paper-piecing instead. You will notice there are no close-up shots!

I didn’t have a rectangle die long and wide enough to make my slider gap, so I just used a shorter one and extended it by fitting one end back into the cut space and the other over the card surface again, then ran it back through the machine to cut to the right length.

There was a fair bit of faffing around with this, but no actual mess-ups. Except I am not sure if the snow is upside down or not? Aw, who cares!


Lawn Fawn Home for the Holidays stamps and dies and Little Town border die; Avery Elle Falling Snow die; Clearly Besotted Diagonal Stripes stamps


37 thoughts on “Is it snowing upside down?

  1. I love this! I have never tried anything like this before – and I’m with Kathy here – it looks a bit technical to me! But what a sweet little scene and another great Christmas card for your stash! At this rate you’ll be overtaking me 🙂

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  2. Lovely card…sounds complicated to make but the finished card would keep me happily occupied for hours…imagining the conversation…” We’ve been driving along this same stretch of road for hours now…are you sure there’s no turn offs? Here, give me the map…”


    1. Lol! And ‘oh look honey, how festive. The road has been painted in candy stripes’. ‘Bah humbug. How much of my Council Tax did that cost? And now I can’t see any road markings…’ ‘OMG I think the exhaust is spitting out cheery messages…pull over, PULL OVER…’

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  3. Very sweet! It would deserve pride of place on any festive mantlepiece. I think the snow looks lovely. I once did penny slider easter cards with my class of 4 and 5 year old’s. We invited the year 5 and 6 class to join us, had a jolly good morning and all managed to make a card. (We used up all of the 1ps from petty cash in the process though!)

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  4. I know what you mean, every year I say keep the design simple, but all my good intentions go out the window once I start playing, but eh isn’t that what craft is about? Love this card, especially the hidden sentiment, great touch x

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  5. Cute card! And I was under the hair dryer at the salon while reading this, LOL’ing at the thought of your little car doing cartwheels down the road on a penny slider – made the hairdresser wonder what was up, for sure!

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  6. Wow! This is so fun! I’m in love with this card and want to try creating something with a slider! A sentiment, which is revealed by a driving car, will be a hit! You can add 500% to your productivity 🙂

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  7. Oh what a cute card! You could definitely mass produce this…..simple yet so cute! Love it! I really have to get started on my Christmas cards! I keep saying I’m going to start early, but I have to get my Halloween and Thanksgiving Day cards done first….on my! Soooooo, I will probably be working like mad 2-3 weeks before Christmas to get them all done. Ha! Same old story….not enough hours in the day. You are so far ahead of me! LOL!

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    1. We don’t do Halloween so much here, and of course not Thanksgiving, so I sort of have a straight run through to Christmas now, except so many of my family have birthdays between now and the year end. Never mind, I’ll keep cutting and sticking and see where we are by the end of November!

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