Today is World Cardmaking Day. Apparently. And I have nothing.

I have nothing ready. No dazzling sample to share. Nothing to illustrate the fun to be had with my hobby. I should have planned in advance, but in reality I have sat down with 45 minutes in which to think of a card, make the card, photograph the card and blog about the bleeping card. Hardly conducive to a nice relaxing afternoon, so I though about not posting at all, but the gods of paper craft would not allow that.

So, some panicky strategic thinking is required. A kernel of a plan forms. I will make a super-quick card using minimal supplies, something which perhaps a total novice, happening across the World Cardmaking Day theme might look at and think, hmmn, well I can certainly do THAT for goodness sake…

Here we go then. I chose one set of stamps, three shades of ink and a card blank. I could have used just two inks and the stamped the rain in black, but ink is not exactly pricey and most people would happily choose a few colours to get them started I think. Also as a tool I do have an acrylic block or two, but if you don’t own any you can use an empty CD case as this will hold your stamp firm and let you see the positioning.


I stamped the greeting first, to make sure it would be where I wanted it on the card. It is actually straight but the photo makes it look a bit wonky! If I did the umbrella first then the sentiment may have ended up too low. Actually I think I could have positioned the brolly a bit higher here, but this was a one shot attempt, no time to re-do anything. If you are starting out and wonder how to do all this, The Cobweborium Emporium has a couple of brilliant detailed posts all about stamping technique.

Second I stamped the handle, then the umbrella frame (is it a frame? Or a canopy?). The infill sections are separate images, so you can add them inside the frame or stamp, cut out and layer on. I decided on the latter to reduce any possible mess-ups. I was going to glue them all flat, again in the spirit of keeping the supplies list down, but the middle section just looked so darn good raised up on one tiny, tiny bit of 3d foam that I had to go with it.

Finally some raindrops and, because I have them, a sparkly gem for the peak of the umbrella. Again this could easily be left out. I could add ribbon or baker’s twine too.


There we have it. A card, a picture or two, a blog post. 45 minutes well spent, hopefully.

Supplies: Clearly Besotted April Showers stamp set; Altenew inks Jet Black and Caribbean Sky; Brilliance ink Rocket Red. Gem from Docrafts


62 thoughts on “Today is World Cardmaking Day. Apparently. And I have nothing.

      1. How lovely! You never have a camera handy at moments like that…when we had that eclipse, I waited eagerly with my son, we had cameras and phones just in case…and it just got a bit dark. Too much cloud, I suppose…

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      2. Yes, exactly. All that fuss and ‘don’t look at it or your eyes will explode’ stuff, then it just seems like November for a few minutes. Somebody should show an eclipse the Trade Description Act…

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  1. I swear to Dog that you have a telescope on the window of my craft room. AGAIN … you and I are working with the same idea! I made one card, then instantly got into making another … what did I choose? ONE WITH AN UMBRELLA ON IT!

    We were twins, just not from the same mummy. I reckon we went to ‘dispatch’ in Heaven, and they looked at the two of us and instantly said “No. One mother could never cope with two of these. We’ll send this one to there … and that one to here.” [pointing at a map]

    And that’s how we came to be apart.

    Nice card. Me likes umbrellas.

    I didn’t know it was World Card Day! Wow. You learn something new every day.
    Sending oodles of love to me sis ~ Cobs.x

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    1. I think my mum had enough with one at times!! Brollies… maybe it was just the change in the weather that prompted us both!! Also, it was the first thing I set eyes on in my rush to get something done today! I only found out about the World Cardmaking Day when I opened WP this afternoon.

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      1. Well I only just found out when I read your blog! lol.

        I have pictures that I could post, if I resized them first, but … it’s late. My back aches, I’m tired. Summing up:- “not tonight Josephine”.

        squishes ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Well thanks! It didn’t feel easy as I was freaking out at a looming deadline, but in other circumstances, simplest thing in the world!


  2. Oh what a cute card! So simple, but cute and quick! Love it! I haven’t made any cards in a few days and could be a few more…a little vacation time with two of my sisters and their husbands. A little relaxation on the beach! 🙂

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  3. I am sitting here wondering how in the world I could have missed that this was world card making day! I am going to have to blame it on family as my grandbabies were here this weekend and my brain just can’t seem to focus on anything else when they are around.
    The card is adorable! I may just have to get inspired and celebrate a little late.

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    1. Aw, well, grandbabies are the best excuse! And I am the one who needs to do the comedy slap on my own forehead. I should know there is a day for pretty much everything. Maybe there is even a World Baling Day??!

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      1. Sometimes I even don’t start anything if there’s not enough time… and one hour is not enough for me. So you’ve done a great job!

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  4. Again lovely card. Never going to believe this I also have this stamp set lol. I so miss CBS and can’t wait for them to return. Going to look at link at you mentioned and grab some tips 🙂

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