Reindeer Roundup

I so wanted to title this with the ‘it looks like reindeer’ pun, but I figure I have trampled over the line of acceptable punning way too far already on this blog, so I resisted. Practically killed me.

I don’t know where all my Christmas stamps are – I have a suspicion in a box at the bottom of a pile of other very large boxes, which means they will probably stay there unless I find an extra few days somewhere to sort out the craft room. I have a few stragglers lurking around though, and this stamp is one of them. I don’t think I used it much when I bought it years ago, back in the day when this one stamp cost £9.95!! Time to give it a quick workout.


So more reindeer themed cards then. I have a trio here, all very slightly different, because some things worked and some did not. Firstly I wanted to stamp this in grey, to be softer than black, but the grey ink didn’t do the best justice to the stamp’s detail. So I also tried it in two different blacks, which both showed the detail fine but were a fraction harsher than I would have liked, and totally indistinguishable from each other. Never mind, they are still usable.

I then decided I would ‘explore the theme‘. Translates as ‘mat them on to different colours and see which flies best‘.

Card number one is the grey ink, on a silver base card


Card number two is black ink, on a silver base card


Card number three is black ink, on a black base. This one definitely did not look very Christmassy with just the knot of red ribbon the others are sporting, so I went for a bit of extra sparkle (glitter ribbon – who knew that existed??) and a sentiment. I also ‘domed’ the sentiment a little bit and supported it in the centre with some 3d foam so it would not get squished. I swear, if 3d foam suddenly becomes unavailable I may need to question my very existence.


What do we think? Which one looks the best? And, did you spot the ‘props’? OK, so it was two jingle bells, but it’s a start… Oh, and Kathy at paper and ink imaginings, three dotted gems – thanks for the suggestion last time!

The stamp is Penny Black “Let’s Play”. I have googled and it still seems to be available here and there. The banner greeting is from Clearly Besotted Mini Banners and ribbon from The Ribbon Room.



75 thoughts on “Reindeer Roundup

  1. Oh thanks for making me laugh…
    I like the first one the best! I love the grey ink! I have different colors but always stamp in black…might wanna try a different color sometime too! Thank you for the inspiration!

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  2. That’s a lovely stamp – having trouble picking a favourite out of the three though. At a push – a big one – I might be inclined to choose the grey ink on silver background. I don’t know why, I just like the grey, but then again the black ink is very striking against the red ribbon… I’ll get back to you on that one!…. By the way, how’s the knitting going? 🙂

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    1. I think the grey is still my favourite too, even though it is a bit less clear on the stamping. Might need a Versafine ink pad maybe. Hmmn, the knitting. Well, I have plenty of plans! Nothing finished, but plenty of plans!

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    1. Ooh I am liking ‘ritzy’! I couldn’t decide between one and three, then plumped for one because of the grey, but actually now you have made me think… I could ritzy up version three a bit more…


  3. All three are lovely and I can’t pick a favourite as – although they’re all stamped with the same image, they’re actually all different.

    The one which has the red glitter ribbon .. the sentiment looks to be glittered or on a more old gold coloured card – so it did cross my mind that maybe Rudolph and his child might look rather fetching stamped in brown ink. It might also be a nod to nature and the colour of their coats. . . . (but it was just a thought from my one brain cell)

    Fabulous cards though, Puff. Very elegantemalised ~ Cobs. x

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    1. The one you are talking bout – it is Brilliance Lightening Black ink on plain white card. Found it, unopened, in my inks tray! It is black but with a lot of gold in it – interesting! I did I think do them in more ‘natural’ colours years ago, but this year I am on ‘mission silver’, hence trying the grey. I nearly gave one of them a red nose but decided against it!

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  4. What a pretty stamp, Gillian! And, YES, I see your jewel snow! 😉 I cannot pick a favorite between the 3 cards – they are equally lovely. I agree with Cobs, if you are so inclined to stamp the deer pair again, try brown ink.

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  5. First of all, I love a punny title… I have to work hard with the titles otherwise i just end up with ‘card share this, card share that!’ Puns get you noticed 😜…secondly and more important, these cards are beautiful… I love the grey on silver, very sophisticated 🤓 Keep the puns coming, you posts make me smile 💕😘

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    1. Thanks so much! The grey and silver is definitely the most popular so far, and mine too I think. Normal punning will be resumed soon, I am sure!


  6. A rodeo of reindeer… the grey ink is very elegant and deer are very ‘in’ – what a lovely set of cards 🙂 I don’t even want to think about Christmas – my Xmas spirit is hiding in the bottom of the wardrobe gibbering in fear…

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    1. I know what you mean, but if you make stuff for Christmas you just have to start early, or survive November and December on no sleep! I suggest you try enticing your Christmas spirit out with a treat…maybe a candy cane??!

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      1. Ok. And a torch. And some books. Curried beans if I can find them, given your bean shortage,…some knitting, and my die cutter, the ironing….the cat…more ironing…


      2. I thought for a moment that said you drink FOR Yorkshire. then I though ‘I didn’t know tea-drinking was a sport. Kinder than shin-kicking though’. Then my eyeballs sorted out the confusion.

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  7. A lovely trio of cards, the stamp is really cute! You’re right about the black ink, it does show the detail better and I love the simplicity of the red knot. I kinda think that the red knot might look nice with the reindeer in black against a black base but you said that didn’t look particularly christmas-y….I guess sometimes I just quite like Christmas cards that aren’t particularly christmas-y, more like general winter cards. That’s just my taste though!

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  8. You make this so hard!! I love each one of these cards.
    Also I have no idea how much 9.95 (with that funny squiggly L thing in front) comes to in US dollars and that makes me very curious how much the stamp actually was :). –your ignorant American friend. (the Chicken Grandma)

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    1. I will not accept you calling yourself ignorant!! You are a deep thinker and a great illustrator with words. Anyway, its about USD 12.50 at current exchange rates, but I bought it years ago, so factor in inflation etc (I don’t know how to do that, by the way!) and yep, it felt like quite a lot of money at the time for one stamp!

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      1. I know a lot of people say this, but sometimes I do completely agree that school is wasted on the young! I’d love to go back to lessons now!

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      2. You are so right!! We have a community college in this area that sometimes holds classes for the “non-traditional” student….which I translate to the old student :). I always check the brochure to see if there is a class I need to take.

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      3. I would love to learn a different language. In high school they offered German – which I took for 2 years. I only remember a few phrases. Spanish would be good. I also think skills like basket weaving would be fun! A blogging class would be good so I would know what all those buttons were good for before I go ahead and click on them!

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      4. Good call – I would definitely join a blogging class too! Actually I like all of your choices. Couldn’t get along with German at school but I would love to try learning Spanish. I only know how to order two beers and say thank you. If nobody wants a beer I am useless!

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  9. Oh I think my favorite is the last one….Love the black mat with the red glitter ribbon. I love how you popped up the sentiment and added the gems to give it the appearance that they are holding the sentiment on. All three are cute! 🙂

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