I blame Doris Day. And Julia Roberts.

Little gift bags. Don’t you love them? I do, slightly to the point of obsession, in truth. I think it is due to all those movies where you see someone out on a shopping spree. We watch a montage bit, with nods and smiles to the shop staff, an impromptu catwalk show for one and some uplifting ‘what good fun this is’ music. Then the immaculately dressed star appears tripping daintily along with an unwieldy haul of beautifully presented packages, boxes and bags.

Real life isn’t like that. Doris and Julia didn’t shop in the rain, having forgotten their umbrella, thus ending up with lank hair plastered to their heads and a whiff of damp wool or anorak about them. Or with a streaming cold that made their nose go red and render them nearly incomprehensible to the assistant. They didn’t have to lug badly made plastic carrier bags that, once stuffed with your practical purchases, weigh a ton and cut into your hands. Only you didn’t realised this was happening because your hands are so darn cold (your gloves are with your umbrella, at home, in the warm) you have lost most of the feeling anyway. Doris and Julia didn’t have to choose sensible shoes over kitten or stiletto heels because the hours of tramping the aisles or pounding the pavement would make their pretty ankles swell like swiss rolls. Theirs was a very different shopping experience, one I am yet to emulate.

Aaaaanyway, back to the reason for the rambling. I have made a simple card and gift bag using the same stamp. I have had this La Blanche stamp for years and love the fine detail of it, but am not much of a one for the traditional sunflower colours so decided to go for grey and black.


My fabulous WRMK Gift Bag Punch Board was used to make the bag from plain white card, which I punched and scored to see where the panels would fall, but did not assemble. This meant I knew where I needed to position the stamp to get it bang on the front. I also die cut ovals to make the handles, then a larger oval frame from black to reinforce them. And to make the bag fancier! Then I went mad and blinged up a small wooden peg with holographic gold tape from The Works. Doris and Julia don’t get all the fun!

To make the card a bit more interesting I just cut a section of the image from the bottom and layered onto black mats. An old trick but it works a treat! The oval shape for the stamped sentiment is the one I cut from the gift bag, to tie everything in, hopefully nicely. And a few pale orange Nuvo Drops for a tiny splash of colour.


51 thoughts on “I blame Doris Day. And Julia Roberts.

  1. Love these. Very designer chic. Fab idea to use the cloths peg. Definitely blame Doris and Julia. Remember Doris….clothes, shoes, bags all matching. Not a hair out of place or a scuffed shoe in sight. I bet she didn’t own a pair of joggers!!! 😉
    Hugs Flo x

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  2. I love gift bags, boxes, treat bags anything like that to be honest! In fact, I’d even go as far to say is that I love making them more than cards! – controversial! I’m going to be making some pillow box’s for my kids this year for valentine’s day – I haven’t done this before it’s just an excuse to make some cute little treat boxes. I have already made my son’s teachers some Easter goodie boxes! I won’t fill them just yet though as they probably won’t last until Easter… Anyway, getting back to your gorgeous gift bag and card – how fab and classy are these?!! I have the same WRMK board but have never thought to use a die to cut out a handle like you have here with the oval – what a brilliant idea! I’m definitely going to give that a go the next time I use the board! Thanks for the great tip!

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    1. Your treat boxes sound very cute. ~It was actually seeing some favour bags on Pinterest that made me think of using dies to cut the handle shapes. There are loads of really cute bag dies out there, but they cost quite a bit and I don’t really need them (even though I would like to own them)! So I decided to have a go with the tools I already own. So many more possibilities with the bag board now!

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  3. Very nice, now if I had some yarn…and some beads…I might just try knitting one… *big grin* but don’t tell anyone, they think I’m making a scale model of the Taj Mahal 😉

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  4. This is stunning work! The grey sunflower makes everything look like it came from an expensive shop! I like the idea of the reinforced handles looking finished. Beautiful.
    Yes, it is so true about Doris Day and Julia Roberts shopping sprees. Did you also notice Doris always finds a parking spot right in front of said shops! I seem to be caught in the same rain you are parked as far from the store’s door as possible. Hence, the drowned rat look when I arrive! 🙂

    I missed your post while I was down with serious family issues but thank you for giving me a smile today. I just need to go to read your past posts to catch up.

    On a side note, Your personal New Year’s Greetings came on a day I needed it the most so thank you so much for being so kind and compassionate. It is always a pleasure to read your post and hear from you!

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    1. Yes, I was going to write a bit about parking access too, but I thought it got too ‘British’. I was nit sure whether other countries go for automated multi storey car parks as much as we do! Sorry to hear you have been going through a rough time. I hope things are getting better now and that you are back blogging yourself soon. Take care. Xxx

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  5. Oh my, this is stunning! That stamp is absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it in the monochrome! Your splash of color via Nuvo drops is perfect! That bag is adorable! I love how you made it to match. Both are beautifully done! I just might have to check out this stamp. 🙂

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  6. That set is adorable. The more I read your blog, the more I envy your toys. A bag punch? They make a bag punch?!

    I do admire your choice of grey and white for the sunflower. It is out of the ordinary. I think I love it. Oh, and the little sprinkle of yellow on the card is just the perfect nod towards a traditional coloring.

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    1. Thank you! The amount of ‘toys’ I have is a bit shaming, to be honest. But hey, it is all bought and paid for now! The bag punch board is WRMK. You have a limited amount of sizes you can make, although you can fiddle it to get a few more. But for small neat bags it is great. It can also position punch holes uniformly in the top if you want to fasten the bag that way! Thanks for the nice comments!

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  7. What a beautiful sunflower stamp! Using the gray ink gives it the look of an entry from a vintage botanical gazette. I like the idea of punching oval handles in the top of the bag. I’ve got an envelope punch board and a box maker punch board, but not the bag maker – looks like fun!

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    1. The bag maker is handy. I have seen a lot of projects done with the SU envelope board and it seems a very versatile tool. I need to see what else can be done with the bag board!


  8. Can you believe I have only just discovered La Blanche stamps. Such brilliant detail, and I now own a few. Your project is perfect, I love the colouring.

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    1. Thank you. I have a bit of a La Blanche habit from a few years ago. Lovely vintage graphics. I can see why you would like them too!


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