Ziggy Played Guitar…

…Rebel Rebel… Wild is the Wind… I’m the space invader… Sailors fighting in the dance hall… We can be heroes, just for one day…

I could go on. Just a few of the post titles that automatically popped into my head as I sat to write this: songs or lyrics I immediately associate with David Bowie. There are countless others, which either caught my imagination at the time, or gradually sank in over the years.

I can’t and don’t write about music. But this chap, this Mr David Bowie was such a huge part of my and my sister’s growing up and beyond that I have to observe the first anniversary of his passing in some way. And I really don’t think lighting a candle will do it.

For certain there will be many thousands of tributes paid in the coming hours via every kind of media going. My observance is just sending a little thank you out there. A thank you to my sister for making me (really, I had no choice!) a fan, and for some of the best of times, shared, with a great soundtrack courtesy of the amazing David Bowie.

Oh, and, a boyfriend from my younger days used to live next door to Bowie as a kid and got stung by a bee in his garden. I think this makes me practically family….!