Are you feeling Emoji-nal?

This is a tongue in cheek, bit of Friday fun post.

Emojis. Those little icons that say so much. At first my reaction to them was a bit older-generation ‘oh for goodness sake, why can’t people just use the words?’ But now, I understand their usefulness, and actually rather like the idea. Let me be clear first up that the only one I know how to do is the smiley face. And that is only because the lovely blogger Karen at libleycraftsblog (go see her site, she is jawdroppingly awesome) talked me through it, keystroke by keystroke, because I needed it. I love her for that. And yes I know it is only three keys, but if you don’t know, you don’t know, right? I’d like to use more emojis, but I actually really have no clue what they all mean and should probably read up a bit. Otherwise I could unwittingly insult someone, or flirt with them, or threaten to kidnap their pet ferret or something.

So, why not have a mood or an emotion expressed in a few keystrokes? It suits our 21st century lifestyle for sure. But then again, what about taking it a bit further? Move on from a smile, or a laugh, or whatever else they convey. Like kids learning to talk, we start with single words, then build up to more complex phrases and thoughts. Maybe emojis can do this too?

So, what feeling would you like an emoji for? No adult themes please, this is an all-ages-friendly blog. What would you like to just be able to send to your loved ones or friends to indicate your mood, or your circumstances, with just a couple of keystrokes? Here are some suggestions…

How about ‘I have had a really bad day. Be nice to me.’

Or ‘just don’t speak to me, I am in the worst mood EVER’

I have nothing to wear. Can we go shopping?

I will be there in 5 minutes. Get the tea/coffee/wine ready.

I need pizza.

I need chocolate.

Do we have any cake? I need cake. Can you get some cake?

Don’t mention the haircut. It is a disaster and I look like a 1970s convict. Pretend like it hasn’t happened.

I have broken my favourite pair of shoes. Please look suitably sombre. Also, can we organise a state funeral as a fitting send-off?

I need 15 portions of fruit and veg today because I am 3 days behind on my recommended daily intake. So are you. Please go to the shop on the way home and buy all you can carry. Nobody sleeps ‘til we are caught up.

Or ‘the dog has pooped in the hallway and I didn’t have time to clean up. Be careful where you tread’. So much easier in little happy symbols. Especially if the other half is not keen on the pet, or at least the poop, anyway.

How about double emoji action? So ‘you know that emoji I sent saying I had a bad day? Well the pet rescue place was open when I went past just now…’ Closely followed by ‘who knew you could fit a kitten comfortably into each coat pocket?’ And then we would be back to the smiley faceJ

So, over to you. What would you like to have a bespoke emoji for?


41 thoughts on “Are you feeling Emoji-nal?

  1. OMGoodness you are just sooooooooooooo funny
    I need an emoji that conveys ‘yes I’m still here – no I haven’t done that task yet & seriously your still talking’ which relate to ‘The Workplace’ obviously.
    For a personal one I need one that says ‘Be a love & put the kettle on ..yes again !!’

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  2. Lol! You are funny! I loved all these possible emoji ideas! I had a new mobile phone at the start of the year- or was it last year? can’t remember now, anyway, I think it’s great because there are LOADS of emoji’s on there – I hardly had any on my last phone! Now, my sister and I especially, seem to use as many emoji’s as possible after a text. Actually, she sent me a text today with 8 emoji’s after it all picturing exactly what she has just wrote – amazing! I have been thinking about a bespoke emoji and I’m not sure. How about one for – Really shouldn’t have had that last Desperado (tequila flavoured beer if you didn’t know!) then danced to Jason Derulo’s new song ‘Kiss the Sky’ in pyjamas while watching the music channels on Sky late on a Saturday night – only to be secretly filmed by husband on his phone. Not that I would ever need that one of course……. Thanks so much for the shout out Gill, you’re so kind 🙂 More than happy to help 😉

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    1. No, no of course not…you are simply thinking of the needs of others here, in a perfectly plausible, could happen to anyone, Saturday night situation (I need a nod and wink emoji now)!! Maybe we could ask for a ‘am dancing in my pyjamas’ emoji? perhaps teamed with a ‘OMG I can’t believe I did that’ one?! Should do the job?! And I believe your sister might be wanted for the Alternative Olympics, emoji sports categories…


  3. SHOUTING. I DON’T HAVE ANY EMOJIS ON MY PHONE SO I SHOUT…I’d quite like an emoji for “the bus is empty but the weirdo is sitting next to me”…or “I have run out of Bachs Rescue Remedy please send help”…or “the bus is full and my window is the one the wasp is crawling on buzzing menacingly”…
    Over the past day these situations have happened to me. An emoji could have indeed been useful. Or a fly swatter.

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    1. So, you hit the weirdo with the swatter, give the wasp the Rescue Remedy to calm him down (they are always male, I think); what do you get? Surely you need a ‘please bring xxxx crystal’?

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      1. Ah yes, good point! I wonder why wasps are always so angry…so when are you going to start creating these emojis…? And also, what about emoji stamp cards..

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      2. Weeeeell, given that I needed to be talked through how to do a smiley face, I think I need to know my limitations here! Ideas only. Although emoji cards sound BRILLIANT! Clintons needs you….

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      3. Lol…you could incorporate them in your card designs…I quite like the smiley face since I am generally a happy individual but I can’t work out how to do a shout…has the emoji cushion fashion hit your area? The most bizarre one I have seen is a rainbow coloured turd…what does that even mean..??

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      4. Nope not heard of the cushions at all. Also equally oblivious to a rainbow turd, but at a guess I would think it says “life is so great I am pooping (euphemism) rainbows”?! I’d like a shouty emoji for sure. I might wear the button out.

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      5. The cushions are so bizarre I might have to somehow make a post about them…I refuse to buy one on principal so I will send my son stealth photographing…I like your interpretation though 🙂 🙂

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      6. Just one of those things that stop being “funny” bizarre and become bothersome…like…why would a turd emoji be pink? Surely that requires medical attention..

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  4. I need a couple. A ‘shut up I’m crocheting’ one, one to indicate that someone (aged 2 and armed with a doll) is asleep in our bed and needs removing to her own bed in stealth mode, and one for ‘give me 5 minutes to have a cuppa then you may speak’. Not much to ask really?

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  5. Oh this is so funny! I got a new phone last year and on one of the updates they updated the emojis. Now when I start typing a text after the first few letters an emojis shows up and I just hit enter and it appears instead of the word I was typing. And, if you just want one emojis as your reply, it is enlarged! Love them. I’m thinking they were invented because there is no spell check on your phone, so like they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”! Ha! I wish my computer had this option! It would make typing so much faster! I think I would like an emojis that says “You did WHAT????” Or maybe “I can’t believe you did that!” I seem to be saying that a lot lately. Oh well, someday I’m sure our keyboards will be in emojis!

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    1. Interesting theory! I don’t think my poor brain would be able to cope though! Your phone sounds pretty exciting. Have you tried typing really random things and seeing what it offers up?

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      1. I did! You would be 😱 at what appears for somethings. Like 🍫 and 🍻 and 🍷 and other food items. For some words it just puts the picture up. You never can 🐝 to careful when you are typing or you might accidentally put something in a text that you didn’t expect like 💩. 😂. You just never know what will 🌽up. 😹. I need to go 🎨 now! 🎃 is coming and I need to get my 💳 finished! 👻

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  6. Bwhahahaha!!! Sitting here with a huge smile on my face. I should have one that says “Holy Smokes…..I did it AGAIN??!!!”
    I would also really like to see the one that threatens to kidnap someone’s ferret….you just never know when that one would come in handy.

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    1. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner – out of action but back now! I think your first one would be useful for many of us. Let’s hope you get the copyright! Granted, the ferret is a bit niche, but always good to be prepared…

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    1. Apologies for the delay in replying. I guess you must be pretty good at the cake pops though if you keep being asked for them? Maybe we could get you a ‘Popped out’ notice?!


  7. I need one for … my brain isn’t working today, and because of this I can’ spell so please just make it up as you go along, and cut me some slack.

    Also one for: Someone please tap my on the arm, and interrupt me, so that I shut up!
    Those would do … for now.

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