3D Thursday: Gilty pleasures

I have been playing with the Christmas ornament ‘blanks’ my sister made again. I previously posted a WIP, which I think I may have now ruined. More of that in another post perhaps. However, this is bauble number two. Just to explain I will be freely switching from using ‘bauble’ to ‘ornament’ and back again, partially so I make sense to the majority of those I know read my blog. Also, whilst a big fan of the English language and a stalwart supporter of using a wide vocabulary, I HATE the word bauble. It sounds vaguely anatomical, like an appendage or a minor organ, maybe something that is prone to swelling and bursting, akin to the appendix. Got an attack of bauble bursitis. Ouch!

Anyway, enough of the inside of my head for now. Here we have ornament number two. I started off by covering it with IndigoBlu gilding flakes in Winter Dawn. Can I say that this is not an endeavour which should be undertaken lightly. There was A LOT of mess, and most of it was stuck to me. I tried to keep one hand ‘clean’ and one hand sticky but it was just not possible. By the time the whole bauble was covered, at least 40% of the surface of my hands was too. Then the cat came along and somehow got a large gilding flake on his nose. Some comedy hissing and ‘pffing’ ensued. Him, not me. Obviously I did not want him to ingest it. I was pretty sure the manufacturers would not have thought it necessary to include any details about whether it was safe for cats to eat. In all fairness, they should not be expected to! So I attempted a pre-emptive snatch and grab (still with my heavily gilded fingers), which of course Riley (cat in residence) eluded. But I couldn’t assume the large flake was not stuck to him – the state of my own paws were evidence this was a definite possibility. So, the chase was on.

Anyone own a cat? Anyone know that a lot of them don’t like tin foil (maybe called kitchen or baking foil too)? Yep, Riley is one of them. I always thought it was the noise the foil made but, seeing me approaching with hands that have suddenly become reflective from all the silver gilding flakes and glue (believe me, it is good glue ‘cos everything stuck fast), well he was either genuinely freaked or just decided it was a good opportunity for a game. After haring up and down stairs chasing him a few times I was satisfied that he was a gilding flake-free zone. I, however, had added a couple of interesting hand prints to the banisters. Oh joy, I thought.

Back to the bauble. The reason I was all glued up was mostly because I was trying to cover a round object; so, holding it, applying the glue to an area and then turning it meant I just. Got. Sticky. I could have done smaller areas at a time, but I was rushing; and maybe latex gloves might have been sensible, but hey, we learn by our mistakes. It was user error, not the fault of the product. You can’t blame a good glue for being good! Once the ornament was all flaked up I just went in with the sponge and gave it a buffing to remove the loose or partially stuck flakes. This is when you can really see the results of your efforts. So, the orb was now covered and the next stage had been inspired by my thoughts on the handprint on the banisters, which in a way was serendipity, or payback, whichever way your mind works. I had an Anna Griffin ’joy’ die which I dug out, cut from gold card and then covered in Martha Stewart Copper glitter, to match the hanging loop. If anyone is wondering ‘why gold card?‘, the answer is that I don’t have any copper coloured, and if you want a coloured glitter to show up really well, stick it onto something which is as close a colour match as you can get. If you put it on white it just doesn’t pop in the same way and black can change the colour quite radically. I tied two fairly extravagant bows of double-faced satin ribbon, and glued them to the top of the ornament so it looks nice from both sides. Then added the copper sparkly ’joy’ and job done.


Photo taking was a bit of an adventure. It is really not easy to do a bauble justice if you don’t have a tree to hang it on! I held it in the sunlight (I know, sunlight in the UK in November. Put it in your diary!) to show how sparkly the copper glitter is.

I also wanted to hang it though, so rigged up a makeshift hook from a silver pipe cleaner, pegged some black card to the curtain and hoped for the best. Here is the ‘warts and all’ zoomed out shot!


I bought these gilding flakes quite some time ago now and I haven’t used them nearly enough. You can use stamps with the Flitterglu or like I did here, cover a whole area. The tubs of flakes are in single colours or several different colour combinations, some warm coppers, rose and gold and some cool greens and silver with slivers of gold or copper too. All are luscious. Please excuse me, I gotta go gild something. Where are the gloves?




63 thoughts on “3D Thursday: Gilty pleasures

  1. I have some gilding flakes that I don’t use enough too… the potential for mess is a bit daunting. I can’t even contemplate covering a bauble like that, but the results are well worth it… it’s gorgeous!

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  2. BAUBLE, BAUBLE, BAUBLE. Hmm I think I can see what you mean. It does have that slightly ‘common’ sound to it, and I cannot for one mom
    So … how about you call them Bubbles? “Hand me that silver bubble, please dear” Yes … that could work. Or even… Buble .. let’s try that one out: “Hand me that silver Buble please dear.”

    Gilding … aw don’t bother with the latex gloves, they stick to the glue.
    I too have problems when using Gilding flakes. I decorate myself more than the items I’m attempting to jazz up – but I have to admit to totally loving the look of Gilding flaked fingernails.

    The Buble’s will, I’m sure, look ao very glam on your tree this year. You’ll have to take a photo of it and show it to us. 🙂

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    1. Bubbles sounds promising. Yes, I like that! Good to know that my gilding flake issue is not just me. I do love the effect of them though. See you in your second comment!

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    1. Hi there! To continue…I would not be surprised if the Queen didn’t have any baubles at all. She probably just has her trees covered with the Crown Jewels!

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      1. I’d have each ‘ornament’ fitted with one of those things which they have in stores on goods, which sets an alarm off if someone walks through the thingamajig at the door. (only L.O.U.D.E.R. and … I’d have security men all dressed in black with holsters holding guns, come out of every hidden door and drop down from the ceiling. I’d capture the light fingered ones and throw them in the dungeons. …. yeah. 🙂

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  3. That’s one very decadent looking Christmas tree appendage! This looks like the sort of thing that’s found in those rather posh boutique’s or very expensive garden centres (we have one near to us and believe me you need to take out a second mortgage to get your Christmas deco’s from there! They are beautiful though and they are all displayed in colour themed rooms! Needless to say we didn’t get ours from there, we just took the kids to see Santa!). I have never gilded anything in my life but this is yet another fab idea of yours that I hope to get to try one day!

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    1. Thanks for the kind words! I like the sound of that garden centre. I usually buy one new swanky ornament every year, then I put all the good stuff on the front of the tree and all the budget stuff at the back!

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  4. Your Ornament is very beautiful! Love the effect and bows and all the Joy!
    Chasing a cat with something on his nose is always fun 🙂
    And about those ‘baubles’… I’ve learned that there are ‘baubles’ a couple of months ago. For me it seems that something beautiful and valuable is ‘Ornament’, whereas something made of paper, fabric, wood (not hand-made) or plastic (something cheap) is more like a bauble…

    We are usually hanging glass ornaments on the top part of the tree and something less precious (i.e. wooden ornaments etc) on the bottom, so that it won’t be a disaster if our dog decides to play with them or just runs into the tree somehow.

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      1. We figured out, that it’s much better than dealing with ‘a pet run into a tree’ accidents and is also much better, than having a weird-looking tree decorated only on the top half. 🙂

        And I’ve tested my Artist’s tape… I taped a piece of watercolor paper to my cutting mat and left it like this for a couple of days. I removed it yesterday and while the tape was still sticky, paper was clean without any residue on it, no sticky mess, no markings, no tears. So I can recommend ‘Pro Tapes Pro drafting masking tape’. I got mine from Amazon for about $5 / 60 yards.

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      2. Thanks for letting me know – I will check it out. I spend a lot of the holiday saying ‘no’ in that stern voice when the cat starts batting at the decorations or chewing on the branches!

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  5. Very pretty bauble/ornament, Gillian! What sort of glue did you use to get the flakes attached to the glass? Sorry Riley caught a flake, but the ensuing chase sounds video worthy! And I do appreciate you aiming words at my side of the pond! 😉 When I think of “bauble”, I think of really large, gaudy costume jewelry…not sure why (maybe from a book or movie reference somewhere along the way?).

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    1. The glue is a special one by the same manufacturer as the flakes and is called FlitterGlu. Unfortunately there is no list of what it is made from, but I suspect it is the technique as much as anything else. You use a small bit of Cut’n’Dry foam, spread the glue onto that and then use it like an inkpad. It is very tacky to the touch – reminded me of a spider web. I am guessing that a very tacky glue would probably do a similar job if used in the same way.

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  6. Ha ha, I have two cats so I know how elusive they can be when they want. Enjoyed the escapade and at least your bauble (sorry) was worth the effort. I work in a box when I use the gilding flakes, little bit awkward but at least everything is contained in a reasonably small area. Latex gloves just don’t work on my small hands, so I can’t help with that.

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    1. I had the flakes in a bigger container than they came in, but I think the used of an additional box is probably very sensible. I will give that a try next time, so thanks for the tip and the kind words!


  7. Wow, how pretty is that! I’ve never used gilding flakes but have seen them used by others. If I hung something like that on our tree, Patches would have snatched it right up. She used to pull the ornaments off of the tree and bat them around. It was her game to see how many she could take off of the tree at night while we were trying to sleep. I usually ended up finding some around April or May. Oh, she had her hiding places! LOL! 🙂

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  8. For some reason when I hear the word bauble I think of those bobble head things people in our area used to have in the back windows of their cars……..oh….yeah……that was a long time ago. A very long time. I suspect my children wouldn’t have a clue.
    Bauble, Bubble, Bobble – whatever you want to call it – It is very pretty!
    I would have loved to have seen your cat with his gilding.

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    1. Oh I know the things you mean. I think we used to call them ‘wobbly dogs’ or wobbly rabbits’ etc. A static body and then a head part that hung somehow in the neck, so it bobbled around with movement. Hours of entertainment!

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      1. I think sarcasm gets a bad rap sometimes. To me it shows a mind that can think another way, shake things up a little. So yes, you have the gift!

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  9. Fabulous ornament. Such a great idea. It looks like something that you would buy out of a very expensive boutique. Just as a side issue. Loving the curtains. I bet your home looks beautiful at Christmas.
    Flo x

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    1. Thank you! I am a Christmas decorating monster, I have to admit. Part of the reason I bought a home with lots of stairs was so I could have swags on the banisters at Christmas! I love the curtains too and they were just from a chain store.


  10. Ha ha! Don’t worry, I have the same dislike of the word bauble! I remember one Christmas when I was working in the London Dungeon and we were giving away a free gory bauble with every purchase. We got a lot of customers from non christmas celebrating country’s who didn’t have a clue what a ‘bauble’ was. I remember one customer walking away from my till, having a chat with his wife and I heard him use the word bauble in my exact (very common south east) accent, and it really freaked me out!

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