Another Galaxy…..

This time an overcrowded one. Stars jostling for position. Poking each other and seeing who can twinkle the brightest. And of course there is the big old lairy fella at the end…

Sorry the photo is a bit rubbish, but it was one of those days where the light changed in seconds from too bright (so loads of odd shadows) to gloomier than the inside of an undertaker’s suit pocket.


A quick post today. To make this I used two different sets of star dies and a selection of gold and silver card. I then just moved the die cuts about until I was happy with the positioning. Basically I was trying to make sure that there weren’t any odd or ugly shapes or gaps made where the stars or points overlapped. Some are popped up on 3d foam, because I have to. And although it probably means I need to make a box for it now, I deliberately wanted the stars going over the edge of the card, just because I think it looks better really!

This is a card that could probably be rustled up with ready-made supplies from a craft shop. Bags of assorted stars are often available should you feel tempted to pick up a glue stick and get stuck in.

Dies:  Sizzix Bigz Stars and Intricutz Swirling Layered Stars



50 thoughts on “Another Galaxy…..

  1. Another beautiful card – I love those stars! The layering is wonderful.

    Oh and I definitely know what you mean about the lighting. I’ve really been struggling with it here – we’re down to 7 1/2 hours of daylight and that’s continuing to reduce… And of course those hours are whilst I’m at work, which isn’t much help for when I want to take pictures! Love your description – “gloomier than the inside of an undertaker’s suit pocket” – fabulous!

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    1. It was about the darkest place I could think of!! I have said it before, but I really must sort out a way to take decent pictures indoors when it is dark out. It is a problem we all have, but so frustrating! Thanks for the kind words!

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      1. If you come up with a solution for the lighting please let me know! I tried using my anti-SAD light box for a while but it was just too bright and caused glare and weird shadows… I swear even when the lighting seems good the pictures come out oddly. I agree – very frustrating!

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  2. laughed out loud about the undertakers pocket. LOL… never heard that before, but am saving it to memory and going to use it at just the right moment.

    The card is lovely .. (and now I’m going to make myself extremely unpopular, but I don’t care, cause I’m your fwend and fwends are allowed to make suggestions) . . . It’s lovely. But I know you and I know that ‘lovely’ isn’t what you aim for. Can I make a suggestion which you won’t give me a black eye for?
    It needs a 3rd colour. Just a tiny bit of a third colour. Green, Blue, Red … oh, yes, Red would be perfect! How about a tiny red twinkly star, placed *just so*. A POP of colour which takes the card from here ….. to *there*.
    (Try die cutting a few stars in different colours and just placing them one at a time, until you find the one which does the job).

    Of course, you could just call me stupid and tell me to naff off. That works really well too. 🙂
    ❤ u Puff. ~ Cobs. x

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    1. I think I made the undertaker’s pocket up, just trying to think of somewhere dark in every sense! I’d never give you a black eye. Apart from any other consideration I am really short so probably couldn’t reach!! I know what you are saying here though and I never mind suggestions. I did actually try a bit of red, but wasn’t too keen. But if I made the same card again another day I might feel differently. It goes like that sometimes…. Anyway, I always appreciate your comments. Don’t ever stop!! Xx

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    1. The swirly die is part of the Intricutz set I listed at the bottom. It is super-easy because there is a solid star of the same size to make the layering a breeze. I hope you blog about your cards – I always love to see!!


  3. I love the gold and silver together and the way you have set out your stars. This is a card that would work for so many occasions. I seem to use a lot of stars when making children’s cards or men’s cards – I don’t know why, I think they’re a great accent on a card or like here, a fab focal point!

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  4. This is a “wow” card – that’s what I said when I saw it! And for suggestions on picture-taking, I use a little lamp with an Ott bulb in it which gives out a bright light that is supposed to be natural like sunlight, and the lamp has an up-down adjustment knob so you can shine it where you want. The Ott lights are pricy but I got mine on a great sale and didn’t pay much at all. It’s the best thing ever for photos.

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  5. Stars going over the edges really look better! Love how you arranged them and a swirly one is my favorite!
    And I ordered some Galaxy Ripple along with Walnut Whips to try, hope they will arrive safely, at least won’t be melted 🙂

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      1. I believe I will! I love trying new things sweets from around the world, luckily they are sold here in some local grocery stores from time to time, but there’s not much from Britain.
        And about the stars… Points actually make it a star, so what it would be without points? Lol

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    1. Thank you so much! Pinterest is great for ideas, and also other bloggers. Although I try not to ‘steal’ ideas from anyone. Thanks for the follow. I have just hopped over to your blog and concerts same. You made me laugh,which is my favourite thing to do. Nice to meet you!

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