Unnatural selection, and reinvention

I have had this colour scheme in my head for a few days. I wanted a limited but punchy palette, so coloured this daisy stamp in shades unnatural to its species and selectively, so petals only. The centres remain deliberately monochrome (in case anyone thinks I just gave up!), along with the rest of the card.

The bottom section is just random stamping of Altenew Freeform Greenery in black. It reminded me a bit of that 1950s black and white Homemaker china that everybody seemed to have a plate of lurking in the back of the cupboard and threw out the week before it got fashionable again.


Recently I rediscovered my Label Love stamps – hurrah! They had been missing for months but resurfaced inside (I know, don’t judge me) an embossing folder. So they get to be used again to add a bit more inky darkness.

Basically, what I have done is just repeated the design of my old faithful Peony Bouquet card (the one I use for my Gravatar) in different colours. But ‘reinvention’ sounds so much more complimentary.

Supplies: stamps are all from Altenew – Spring Daisy, Freeform Greenery and Label Love.



57 thoughts on “Unnatural selection, and reinvention

      1. Do you use Pinterest? If not, then it may well be very helpful for inspiration. If you are totally unfamiliar with it just let me know by reply and I can give you more info. It is a bottomless pit of ideas!

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  1. Spring has come early… lovely! I laughed when I read about your ‘yellow tester pots’ – we did exactly the same thing in the early 80’s with our first house and we never did get it right. In the end we decided to strip off the woodchip (has to be one of the worst inventions of the 1970’s!!!!) and we replaced it with some Laura Ashley yellow flowery paper which had to stay but still wasn’t the right colour! I vowed never to try yellow decorating again… xx

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